Model Test for Class Seven

1. Change the sentences according to the direction                                                                                  05

  1. Mother said to her son, “Do you complete your work?”
  2. The teacher said to the students, “Always speak the truth.”
  3. “Did you play football yesterday?” John said to Jahid.
  4. He said, “How beautiful the birds sing!”
  5. “I will help you if you want.” The man said to his daughter.

2. Complete the following sentences with correct information                                                                    05

  1. He ran fast lest …………….
  2. Read attentively or …………..
  3. This is the place where ……………
  4. It is a true proverb that where there………..
  5. If I did the work I ……………..

3. Change the sentences according to the directions                                                                                     05

  1. Very few boys in the class are as good as Shuvo (Comparative)
  2. Mim is one of the best students in this school. (Positive)
  3. No other man in this village is as great as my father. (Superlative)
  4. Ruma is more brilliant than most other students in this class. (Positive)
  5. Our school is one of the best schools in Dhaka city. (Positive)

4. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.                                                                                                     05

(a) ——— ant is (b)——— industrious insect. Bees are also (c) —–             industrious insects. If we observe the life of (d)———-successful man, we     will find that he is also (e) ———-industrious, (f)———-industrious are appreciated by all. On the other hand, (g) —–idle are disliked by all. So, industry is (h) ———-must to prosper in (i) ———- life. We all know that industry is the key to success and laziness leads us to (j)———-misfortune.

 5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions                                                                                       05

 a. There is a bridge —– the canal.

 b. The cat entered into the room —– the window.

c. I have heard the news —– Radio.

d. They have communicated with one another —– telephone.

e. I have been a student of this school —– three years.

6. Fill in the blanks with correct use of the verbs.                                                                                        05

a. Five and five (make) —– ten.

b. (walk) —– on the road I have seen a large snake.

c. Run fast, lest you (miss) —– the train.

d. She as well as her sisters (do) —– well in the exam.

e. The manager (go) —– to open a new branch.

7. Transformation of the sentences                                                                                                                   05

a. They had to leave the place. (Negative)

b. Nothing but the truth gives us happiness. (Affirmative)

c. The man is only sixty. (Negative)

d. I cannot but help the poor in his work. (Affirmative)

e. I have done the work for the last time. (Negative)

8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate parts of speech                                                                                    05

Without, to, necessary, nature, out, by, heavy, the, untold, up.

Natural calamity means (a) —– disaster which is caused (b) —– nature. Every year Bangladesh falls victim (c) —– various calamities. They are flood, earthquake and many other natural calamities. The effects of (d) —– natural calamities bagger description. The affected people and animal suffer (e) —– sufferings. They cause (f) —– damage to our life and properties. Thousands of people and other animals remain (g) —– food for many days. The after effect of some natural calamities are more serious. Famine breaks (h) —–. Many people and animals die for want of food. The prices of all (i) —– things go (j) —–.

9. Fill in the blanks by adding prefix or suffix with the words and complete the story.                           05

Hazrat Muhammad (Sm.) is the last prophet of Allah and the (a) lead of all prophets. He is the greatest of men and (b) teach ever born on the earth. Before his birth Arabia was steeped in (c) dark, ignorance and superstition. The Arabs were ignorant and wicked and they led (d) beast lives. They were (e) worship of many gods and goddesses. 


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    • Abdul Khaleque on October 16, 2014 at 8:07 am

    মুরাদ ভাই,
    সালাম নিবেন। অাপনার এই সাইটটি অামার খুব ভাল লেগেছে। অাপনাকে ধন্যবাদ।

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  2. Apner ai saitti amar kase cub valolegese………i like it……

    1. Thank you Raja Bijoy……

    • KH Ehsan on March 17, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks for your model test preparatory . but sir, answer gulo jodi er saathe diye diten , tahole besi valo hoto.

    • KH Ehsan on March 18, 2015 at 12:02 am

    Sir , A dialogue between two friends about RECENT INCIDENTS ……

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