Model Test : 1 9 (Class -7)

Model Test
Subject : English 2nd paper
Class :7

Part –A : Grammar (Marks: 30)

1. Fill in the blank of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (x) for zero article : . .5×6=3
Lutfur is (a)_ street boy . He is( b) _ orphan . He lives in the street of Chittagong ( c)_ city . One day he went to New Market. He saw (d) __ fruit seller selling different kinds of (e) _ fruit . There he found ( f) __ old man buying some apples looked very fresh

2. Fill in the blank of the following text with prepositions given in the box below : .5×6=3
to in from to by for

An honest man is true( a)… his words. He does not deviate (b)….. the path of honesty. He knows that true happiness consists (c)…… honesty. So, he never falls victim (d)……. any greed. He has no ambition (e)….. luxurious things. He is loved ( f)…….all.
3. Make four sentences from the substitution table . 1×4=4
Early rising should
has get up early in the morning
It good for our body
Every student no bad effect
undoubtedly a good habit .

4. Change the following passage into indirect speech : 1×4=4
“Have you offered your prayer today ? I said to my cousin . “NO , I have forgotten , ” he said . ” That ‘S bad , ” I said . “ We must pray to Almighty everyday.”

5.Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets : 1×5=5
(a) He goes to school regularly. (interrogative ) (b) It is a beautiful place . (exclamatory) (c) The bird is very beautiful . (exclamatory) (d) He is happy . (negative) (e) What a nice flower it is ! (Assertive)
6. Re-write the following passage using capitalization and punctuation : .5×6=3
Have you bought the pen said selina yes said salam the pen is very interesting
7. Fill in the gapes use in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with root words underlined in the text. .5×8=4
Bangladesh is an (a)agriculture country. Here most of the people live below the poverty line. They took the profession of farmer. But (b)literacy is a big problem in our country. The (c)literate people have little (d)know Of the modern methods of farming. It is true that our e)govern has taken some steps, but they are (f)sufficient the government should not remain (g)attentive to agricultural sector. Farmers should be trained (h)proper to grow more crops.
8. Fill in the blank of the following text with right form of verbs : .5×8=4
Ashamoni (a)____(to be ) a good student . She (go) to school regularly . She sits to (read ) at 6 :00 pm in the evenning . She thinks that she should (d)___ (study) hard to (e)_____(make) a good result in the exam . So, she studies up to 10:30 pm . Then she( f)____ (take) her supper and g)___ (go) to bed . Thus she( h)___ (lead) her life . She ( i)______(get ) up early in the morning . At 10:00 am , she ( j) _____(take ) her bath , eats her meals and goes to school .

Part –B : Composition (Marks: 20)

9. Suppose , you are Roni/Rina . You have a friend named Anik/Anika. Now write a letter to your friend


10 . Write a composition on “Student life” in 250 words 12

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