Merits of Shakespeare

Merits of Shakespeare

1. Shakespeare is a poet of nature; though in his works he has reflected life. Other dramatists present fabulous characters which confuse our imagination. But in Shakespeare’s plays we meet human sentiments in human language.

2. His universal characters do not belong to a particular society or time; they are universal representing everyone.

3. In the works of other poets a character is often and individual; in Shakespeare’s work it is commonly a species.

4. Shakespeare’s characters are not exaggerated. He does not give us entirely virtuous or entirely depraved (evil) characters.

5. In most dramas love is the essential agent that causes all good and evil and hastens and refers every action. Lovers are made to speak out hyperbolic joy and outrageous sorrows. But Shakespeare does not do so because they violate probability and miss-respect life. He knew that love is not the only passion there are more passions.

6. Shakespeare agrees that in the strictest (most truly speaking/ in the truest) sense of the term. Shakespeare’s plays are neither comedies nor tragedies. His plays are of distinct type. This mingling (mixer) is closer to reality.

7. In writing tragedy, Shakespeare seems to have toiled (labor, work) hard. His comic scenes, on the other hand, are spontaneous and successful. In fact his tragedy is the testimony of his skill; his comedy is the product of his instinct (talent/genius).     


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