Major Barriers in Business Communication

Major Barriers in Business Communication

In business communication we face many barriers. In the following part the most common barriers are discussed.

1. Linguistic Barriers: Linguistic barriers occur when the receiver is unable to understand fully both explicit and implicit meaning of the language used by the sender. It may be happened because of limited vocabulary, wrong choice of words, construction of long and complex sentence, improper word order, improper punctuation and so on.

2. Psychological Barriers: Psychological barriers mean mental or emotional barrier. It may be occurred because of wrong assumptions, one-track thinking, lack of concentration, fixed ideas on a topic or issue or subject etc.

3. Interpersonal Barriers: Interpersonal barriers are closely related with the psychological barriers. The interpersonal barriers arise from display of strong emotions, feelings, and negative attitude. The emotions are – love, hate, anger, fear, jealousy, joy etc. when the receiver of a message feels threatened by a real or imagined danger, he becomes defensive or hostile.

4. Cultural Barriers: Cultural barriers arise from different practices in business communication. Generally, culture varies from person to person, society to society, country to country. For example; in Bangladesh if any public or private institution arranges any program, the participants may attend after the scheduled time but the western people never be late to attend the party because it’s the rule of their tradition.

5. Physical Barriers: Physical barriers are of three types. They are –

         i. Technical noise; such as harsh or loud music, the din of machine, the creaking of the doors or windows etc.

ii. Physical noise; such as improper sitting arrangement, poor listening, physical discomfort because of room temperature or uncomfortable                  seats and

          iii. Destructive; such as gaudy dress, odd body movements, unsuitable gesture, loud perfume etc.

 6.  Organizational Barriers: These barriers emanate from the communication networks established by organizations.