Madhabkunda in Bangladesh

Madhabkunda is considered as the largest waterfall of Bangladesh. It is located at Madhabkunda under Moulavibazar District in Sylhet Division. It is about five km away from Dakshinbagh railway station, and 350 km from Dhaka city.  Madhabkunda is located about 5 km from Kakhinbage railway station, the nearest station of Madhabkunda.

It is considered as one of the most popular tourist’s spots of Bangladesh. Every year Lots of tourists and visitors visit this magnificent waterfall from different places of the world. Generally, waterfalls are the beautiful sensations for the tourists. Madhamkunda has the attraction for the tourists for its million tons of water, fall from 200 ft. height.

Bangladesh Government declared Madhabkunda as an eco-park with the intention of protecting Madhabkunda Waterfall and its surrounding nature. During the rainy season, huge amount of water is fallen. The fascinating sound of Madhabkunda waterfall is really awesome. It sounds like thunder in rainy season.

It is a fascinating waterfall of Bangladesh. There is a watch tower in front of the fall. So, if anyone goes on top of the waterfall, he can get the scenic beauty of Madhabkunda Eco Park. Sweet murmuring sound of the waterfall in dry season is also very minded blowing. In Rainy season water comes from the top very forcefully. So visitors are forbidden to enter the danger zone.

Food: In Madhabkunda, you can get excellent meal at Parjatan Motel situated in Madhabkunda Eco Park. Though the price is high, the quality of food in Parjantan Motel restaurant is extra ordinary. There visitor can get Raam Kola (hilly banana) and other local fruits that are very tasty and mouthwatering.


Shopping: outside the Madhabkunda Eco Park’s gate there are many small shops. There anybody can get handicrafts made by local tribes. Though this product is not cheap, but tourists buy it for its gorgeous out looking and finishing. They can also get the chance to buy fresh tea from Sylhet.


How to Go Madhabkunda: Journey to Madhabkunda will be memorable journey for the visitors only for its scenic roadside view. At the time of journey, the visitors can enjoy the greenish tea gardens, serpentine roads and hills. There is more than one way to go Madhabkunda from Sylhet. So, visitor can get into a bus from Upashahar Bus terminal of Sylhet to Borolekha, Moulovi Bazar. After reaching Borolekha visitors have to take a CNG auto rickshaw to go the gate of Madhabkunda Eco Park. Otherwise, visitor can get into a train from Sylhet and move toward Kolaura rail station. Then for their easy and comfortable journey, visitors can rent up down a CNG or Micro Bus from Sylhet to Madhabkunda Waterfall. But it is very costly. It may take taka 3000-3500.  

By Plane:

Visitors can start heading towards the Sylhet by Air from Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka to Amanat Airport through several local Airlines directly such as Biman-Bangladesh AirlinesUnited AirwaysGMG Airlines etc. it may be coasted about taka 3500, BDT 7500 and BDT 5500 chronologically.

By Bus:

There are many luxury coach and bus services from Dhaka to Sylhet. Some prominent services are Hanif, Shohag Paribahan, Green Line etc. These services are available from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm and they charged about 600-650For budget travelers. There are some non AC bus services accessible from Sayedabad bus terminal which proceed every half hour from 6 am to midnight.

 Near Spots: Jaflong, Tamabil, Shripur,  Jaintapur, Madhob Kundo, Lawachora Forest.


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