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List of Verbs


  • Present


    Past Participle

    Awake Awoke Awoken
    Bear Bore Borne
    Abide Abode Abode
    Arise Arose Arisen
    Be Was/were Been
    Draw Drew Drawn
    Do Did Done
    Fight Fought Fought
    Eat Ate Eaten
    Drive Drove Driven
    Drink Drove Driven
    Dig Dug Dug
    Beat Beat Beaten
    Become Became Become
    Bid Bid/bade Bid/bidden
    Begin Began Begun
    Bind Bound Bound
    Find Found Found
    Fly Flew Flown
    Forget Forgot Forgotten
    Forgive Forgave Forgiven
    Bite Bit Bit/bitten
    Blow Blew Blown
    Come Came Come
    Choose Choose Chosen
    Break Broke Broken
    Behold Beheld Beheld
    Sit Sat Sat
    Sing Sang Sung
    Sink Sank Sunk
    Shine Shone Shone
    Shake Shook Shaken
    See Saw Seen
    Get Got Gotten
    Go Went Gone
    Give Gave Given
    Grow Grew Grown
    Run Ran Run
    Rise Rose Risen
    Ring Rang Rung
    Hide Hid Hid/hidden
    Hang Hung Hung
    Hang Hanged Hanged
    Hold Held Held
    Know Knew Known
    Swing Swang Swung
    Shrink Shrank Shrunk
    Spring Sprang Sprung
    Bet Bet Bet
    Cast Cast Cast
    Cost Cost Cost
    Cut Cut Cut
    Hit Hit Hit
    Hurt Hurt Hurt
    Let Let Let
    Put Put Put
    Rid Rid Rid
    Set Set Set
    Shed Shed Shed
    Split Split Split
    Shut Shut Shut
    Thrust Thrust Thrust
    Spread Spread Spread
    Burst Burst Burst
    String Strung Strung
    Strive Strove Striven
    Tread Trod Trodden
    Slide Slid Slid
    Smite Smote Smitten
    Cleave Clove/cleft Cloven/cleft
    Chide Chid Chid
    Cling Clung Clung
    Abuse Abused Abused
    Abolish Abolished Abolished
    Lie Lay Lain
    Mistake Mistook Mistaken
    Ride Rode Rode/Ridden
    Slay Slew Slain
    Speak Spoke Spoken
    Spin Spun Spun
    Stand Stood Stood
    Write Wrote Written
    Win Won Won
    Wear Wore Worn
    Wake Woke Woke
    Steal Stole Stolen
    Stick Stuck Stuck
    Swear Swore Sworn
    Swim Swam Swum
    Take Took Taken
    Tear Tore Torn
    Throw Threw Thrown
    Lead Led Led
    Grind Ground Ground
    Freeze Froze Frozen
    Forsake Forsook Forsaken
    Fling Flung Flung
    Wring Wrung Wrung
    Wind Wound Wound
    Weave Wove Woven


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