Life is a precious seed

LIfe cann’t be leaded
Only for playing and sleeping;
It doesn’t allow you
Meaningless time would be clipping.

Life wasn’t made only just
For eating and enjoying;
Don’t make it worthless
Just playing and doing nothing.

Life hasn’t most short time
As short as flower;
But It’s time is going on
Like a train has to go far.

Someone thinks life is
Just for enjoy;
You know, It is a cause of sadness
Because it is not a toy.

You can spend your time
By doing nothing;
But it makes for your life
A sadness, that is gradually coming.

Your life time is a precious thing
That you can make a gold carefully;
If you don’t care it stupidly
You can make it worst by chilly.

You can consider about yourself
World’s nation waiting for your good deeds;
You can make the world happy
By planting your precious seeds.




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  1. I appreciate for your realization .

    1. I’d like to congratulate you for your valuable comment.
      Have a nice life.

  2. Excellent thinking! I think your poem will aware the idle person. Thanks for creating such a poem. Go ahead my dear!

    1. I’m very grateful to you for your inspiration on my writing.
      Good wishes for you for ever.

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