Kindness of Mohseen

              Hazi Muhammad Mohsin and the thief

      One night Hazi Muhammad Mohsin was sleeping deeply in his room. At midnight, suddenly he heard a sound that wakened him. Opening his eyes, he saw a man in his room. He thought the man and asked him “Who are you? Why have you entered in my room?” Trembling with fear, the man said, “I have entered your room to steal some money. I have no work and I have no money. My children haven’t eaten anything for two days. So I have come to steal.” Mohsin was filled with pity for the man and his family. He gave the man some money and told him to go home. The man thanked him. Mohsin said, “Try to find work. Never try to steal.” The man followed Mohsin’s advice. He found work and led an honest and honorable life.

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