JSC English Suggestion 2018

                              English Suggestion for JSC 2018

                                        Seen Comprehension:

a) Samima’s Misery ————– famous designer.

b) Nakshi kantha is a kind —- embroidered by them.

c) At the farthest ————– around the nature.

d) Communication of ideas ——— changed our life.

e) Oxygen and the air ————– enjoyable flight.

f) The ethnic people ————– sport for them

g) Shamima —— Kamal Uddin Joardar.

h) Once upon a time ————– think about me?

i) Bangladeshi cuisine is —— Bangladeshi people.

j) River gypsies ————– in some areas.

Unseen Comprehension:

a) Ferdousi, the great ————– departed poet.

b) Every democratic nation ————– all modern facilities.

c) The greatest dramatist (Shakespeare) ————– all equally.

d) Jibananando Das—— October 22, 1954.

e) The Nobel Prize——— for inviting X-Ray.

f) Hazrat Muhammad (SM) ————– world lasts.

g) Joynul Abedin was ————– 1976 in Dhaka.

h) John Donne

i) George Barnard Shaw ————– Barnard Shaw died.

j) Nelsan Mendela was ———– at the age of 95.


  1. Importance of Learning English
  2. Importance of Reading Newspaper
  3. Benefits of Early Rising
  4. Your Preparation for the JSC Exam.
  5. Necessity of Physical Exercise
  6. City Life and Village Life
  7. Bad Effects of Illiteracy
  8. Importance of Tree Plantation
  9. Your Aim in Life
  10. Bad Effects of Smoking
  11. Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone


  1. An E-mail to your friend to join the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.
  2. An E-mail to your father to for some money
  3. An E-mail to his/her friend congratulating him on his brilliant result.
  4. An E- mail to your friend thanking him for his nice gift.
  5. An E- mail to your fried wishing happy new year
  6. An E- mail to your friend to join a picnic
  7. An E- mail to your friend An E- mail to your friend to return the book
  8. An E- mail to the travel agency cancelling a ticket
  9. An E- mail to your friend to know his preparation for the JSC exam
  10. An E- mail to your father asking some money


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