JSC English Suggestion 2015

English Suggestion for JSC  2015

English 1st Paper

Reading test ( Seen Passage)

  1. The word ‘Hygiene’ …… happy life.
  2. Samima’s misery ………. Famous designer.
  3. Nakshi Katha ………. On them.
  4. Health is the …… things of life.
  5. Samima started …….. Kamal Uddin Joarder.

Reading test (Unseen Passage)

  1. Jibanananda Das……… october 22, 1954.
  2. John Donne was………. Prose piece.
  3. Ferdouci, the …………… departed poet.
  4. The Nobel Prize ………… X-Ray .
  5. Zoynul Abedin ……….. 1976 in Dhaka.



  1. Load Shedding
  2. Tree Plantation
  3. A School Magazine
  4. Your School Library
  5. Traffic Jam
  6. Health and Hygiene


  1. A dialogue between you and your friend about aim in life.
  2. A dialogue between you and your friend about importance of reading newspaper/ learning English /tree plantation/benefits of morning walk/early rising
  3. A dialogue between you and your friend about the preparation for JSC exam.
  4. A dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of smoking.
  5. A dialogue between two friends about tree plantation.


  1. Slow and Steedy wins the race.
  2. A lion and the mouse.
  3. Nobody believes a liar.
  4. Honesty is the best policy.
  5. A friend in need is a friend indeed.


  1. Thanking for the hospitality
  2. Sincere to his studies
  3. Necessity of Physical Exercise
  4. To spend the summer vacation with you.
  5. Description of the picnic that you have enjoyed.


English 2nd Paper


  1. Study tour
  2. Common room facilities
  3. Setting up a canteen/ common room/debating club
  4. Transfer certificate
  5. Seat in the school hostel.
  6. Sinking a tube well in your locality.


  1. Your Aim in Life
  2. Wonder of Modern Science
  3. Physical Exercise
  4. Student Life
  5. A Journey by boat/bus/train
  6. Value of Time


  1. Congratulation for your Brilliant Success.
  2. Preparation for the coming exam.
  3. Return the book.
  4. Inviting to join a picnic/your birthday party.
  5. Thanking for wishing you happy birthday/ happy new year.