JSC English Second Paper Suggestion: For Chittagong Board

Grammar  :   30 Marks (JSC Standard).                                                                                                


First Choice

  1. Write an e-mail to your friend congratulating him/her on her brilliant success JSC exam/
  2. Write an e-mail to your friend about your preparation for JSC examination.
  3. Write an e-mail thanking your friend for sending a birthday gift.
  4. Write an e-mail to your friend on annual sports day/ prize distribution ceremony at your school in which you have participated.
  5. Write an e-mail to your friend inviting him/her to the marriage ceremony of your sister or brother/ to your birthday party.
  6. Write an e-mail to your father for some money.
  7. Write an e-mail to your friend inviting him to spend summer vacation with you in your village.

Second Choice

  1. Write an e-mail to your friend about the natural beauties of Bangladesh/your homeland/your motherland/ about your village.
  2. Write an e-mail to your foreign friend Diba thanking her for her hospitality offered in India.
  3. Suppose you have bought a TV set from the ‘All Electro Bangladesh’. It does not work properly. Now write an e-mail the manager complaining about it.
  4. Compose an e-mail to the Pioneer Electronics Bangladesh asking the sales officer to send you a DVD player that you have chosen on the websites.
  5. Compose an e-mail to the concerned authority asking for the admission information to the school.
  6. An e-mail to your friend asking him to return the borrowed book immediately.
  7. An e-mail to your friend requesting him to lend you some books/ a book for your exam.

Third Choice

  1. Write an e-mail to your friend requesting him/her friend to comment on the pictures that will send.
  2. Compose an e-mail to your friend telling him how you enjoyed your picnic and send some pictures of the picnic
  3. An e-mail for booking a bus/train/boat ticket.
  4. An e-mail to a book shop on ordering some books.
  5. An e- mail to your mother about how you feel after recovery from an ailment.

Or, Applications

  • Practise all kinds of formal letters.
  1. For purchasing more books for the School library/ increasing common room facilities.
  2. Seeking permission to go on an excursion/ study tour/picnic.
  3. Prayer for relief goods for flood affected people /for opening a relief camp/ for constructing or repairing a bridge over a cannel.
  4. Write a letter to the editor of a ‘Daily News Paper’ for publishing an important topic of frequent load-shading in your locality.
  5. Application for permission of a study tour f/ for help from the ‘Welfare Fund’/ full free studentship/ admission in class 8/ opening a canteen/opening a common room/organizing a debating club/ opening a computer club/ arranging a reading room.
  6. For morning school/ For T.C./early leave/ leave in advance/ leave of absence/ seat in school hostel.


First Choice

  1. Wonders of modern science /Science in everyday life
  2. Your aim in life./ your future of life/ Your daily life
  3. A journey by train/a journey by boat/ a journey you have recently enjoyed/a journey by bus.
  4. The season you like most.
  5. Importance of reading newspaper./ newspaper
  6. Your favourite hobby.
  7. Value of time
  8. Discipline
  9. Your childhood memories
  10. Television/ uses and abuses of TV
  11. Student life
  12. Tree plantation
  13. Digital Bangladesh
  14. Necessity of female education

Second Choice

  1. Physical Exercise
  2. The game you like most
  3. A village doctor
  4. The birds of Bangladesh
  5. Population problem of Bangladesh
  6. A village market
  7. Floods in Bangladesh
  8. Computer
  9. Your favourite Teacher







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