JSC English Model Test

Model Test for JSC (Writing Part)

Subject: English 1st Paper

1. Suppose you are Abbas and your friend is Abu. Make a dialogue in 150 words between you and your friend on the importance of reading         newspaper.                                                                                                                            10

2. Write a paragraph on `A Tea Stall’ in about 150 words answering the following questions:           10

 a) Where is a tea stall found? (b) How is it furnished? (c) What things are sold there? (d) Who serves tea? (e) Where does the manager sit and what is his function?  (f) What is the condition of a tea stall? (g) How long does a tea stall remain open? (h) What do the customers do in the tea stall?

3. The following story is incomplete. Use your imagination to complete it. Give a suitable title to it.             10

There lived a clever fox in a jungle. One day he fell into a trap as he was passing through the jungle, he could get out of the trap but lost his tail behind. Without his tail the fox looked very odd and strange.———————-

4. Write a letter to your friend describing him about your planning after the JSC Examination .     10

5. Suppose you are Shawn and your friend is Mim. Make a dialogue in 100 words between you and your friend about the importance of learning English.                                                                                                                              10

 6. Write a paragraph  on “Load Shedding’ in about 150 words answering the following questions:     10

(a) What does the term load-shedding mean? (b) why does load-shedding occur?

(c) What problems does it cause? (d) Who suffer most due to load-shedding?

(e) What measure should be taken to stop load shedding?

7. Read the following story. Now, complete it in 150 words.                     10

Once upon a time there was a king. He was very fond of gold. Although he had a lot of it, he wanted more. “I wish I had the golden touch”, he said to himself. One day————-

8.  Write a paragraph on A School Library in about 150 words by answering the following questions.       10

a) What is a library?

b) What is the importance of a school library?

c) Where is it located?

d) How are the books arranged?

e) How are the books issued for the students?

f) How do you feel about your school library?

9. Write a dialogue between you and your younger brother about the dangers of smoking.   10

 10. Suppose you are Sayem or Saima of 10/1 Mirpur Road, Dhaka, Recently you went on a picnic. Now write a letter to your friend Dipon/Dipika who lives in Chittagong describing the picnic.                                                                   10 


1. Write an application to the Headmaster for a transfer certificate.                                                           8

 2. Write an application to your headmaster for a seat in the school hostel .                                               8

 3. Write a composition on ‘Science in everyday life’                     12

 4. Write a composition on ‘Discipline’                     12