JSC English Model Test 2018

                                JSC Model Test – 2018 (1),

                                    Subject: English

Time: 3 hours                                                             Total Marks: 100      

                   Part A: Reading Test (Seen Comprehension)

Read the text and answer the following questions.

Human beings conquered the distance on earth by discovering wheels. They endeavored further. Then on December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers in America made the first experiment of flying in a plane. In the experiment, a machine carried a man and rose above by its own power. The machine was called ‘aka airplane’. It flew naturally in a smooth speed, and finally landed without damage. That was human being’s first real take-off. And now, they have got a supersonic speed. In a supersonic speed, something travels faster than sound! So the sky’s the limit now!   

Modern aircraft companies are making revolutions in aviation technology. Boeing as well as Airbus is producing modern passenger airplanes. These planes fly very fast. Boeing 787 flies 950 km/h. However, Airbus 350 is expected to fly in a couple of years. Its speed will be 945 km/h. You find attractive ads on the websites of both Boeing and Airbus planes. Both have excellent features. But in speed, neither could beat the Concorde. It is the world’s fastest supersonic passenger aircraft. Its normal speed was 2,170 km/h. The Concorde was a joint project by France and Britain. It started passenger flight in 1976. Unfortunately, the Concorde fleet was grounded for ever in 2003 after a major accident.

1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to the text.        1×7=7

a.The word ‘distance’ means ——.

i) remoteness   ii) shortness   iii) smallness    iv) greatness

b. The word ‘naturally’ means

i) artificially     ii) whimsically      iii) automatically   iv) particularly

c. The word ‘attractive’ means———.

i) charming    ii) ugly       iii) timed     iv) perfect

d. feature

i) picture    ii) characteristic   iii) chart   iv) row

e. The word ‘damage’ is connected with—–.

i) create  ii) make      iii) destroy      iv) match

f. experiment

i) create  ii) testimony      iii) trial      iv) report

g) major

i) minor  ii) small      iii) tiny      iv) great


a) i) remoteness b) iii) automatically c) i) charming

d) ii) characteristic    e) iii) destroy      f) iii) trial      g) iv) great

2. Answer the following questions.                                             2×4=08

a) Who made the first successful experiment in flying an airplane?

b) What was the first flying machine called?

c) What was world’s fastest passenger airplane?

d) When was Concorde fleet finally grounded?


a) America made the first successful experiment in flying an airplane.

b) ‘Aka airplane’ was the first flying machine called.

c) The Concorde was world’s fastest passenger airplane.

d) Concorde fleet was finally grounded in 2003.

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. 1×5=05

Thousands of years ago, the first pearl was probably (a) —– while human beings were searching for food at the sea (b) —–. Throughout history the pearl with its (c) —– has been one of the most highly valued gems. Pearls have been (d) —– many times in religious texts and mythologies from the (e) —– times.

Answers: (a) discovered (b) shore (c) shine  (d) mentioned (e) ancient   


                              Part B: Unseen (25 Marks)

Read the following text carefully and answer questions 4 and 5

Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir was an officer in the Bangladesh Army during the 1971 Liberation War. He was born on 7 March 1949 at Rahimganj village under Babuganj Upazila in Barishal district. He finished his HSC from Barishal BM College. In 1967 he took admission in the department of statistics at the University of Dhaka. On 5 October 1967, he joined the armed forces as a cadet at the Pakistan Military Academy. He obtained commissioned rank in Engineering corps in 1968. He was promoted to the rank of captain on 30 August 1970. He was an officer in sector 7 of the Mukti Bahini. He was given the responsibility to fight at the Chapai Nawabganj border at Rajshahi district. On 14 December he was killed in an attempt to breakthrough enemy defenses on the bank of the Mahananda River. He was buried near Shona Masjid premises. In recognition of his valor and sacrifice in the War of Liberation Mohiuddin Jahangir was awarded with the highest state honor of Birsreshtha.

4. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage. 1×5=5

Who/What Event/Activity     Where/ Place When
Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir born (i) ——- 7 March 1949
He (ii) ——- Barishal BM College  
He (iii) —– statistics department in Dhaka University 1967
He (iv) ———-   30 August 1970
He was killed (v) ——- 14 December 1971

Answers: i) Rahimganj village under Babuganj Upazila in Barishal district/ in Barishal district  ii) finished his HSC  iii) took admission  iv) was promoted to the rank of captain v) on the bank of the Mahananda River

5. Read the passage again and write True or False beside the following statement.       1×5=5

a) Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir was a betrayer.

b) He fought for the country heart and soul.

c) He fled away from the battle field.

d) He was a great fighter.

e) Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir was a true patriot.


a) False: C.A: Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir was a patriot.

b) True

c) False: He did not flee away from the battle field.

d) True

e) True

6. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes.       1×5=05

land plant on agriculture are cutting

The most common causes of deforestation are (a) —– and burning the forest land. Though trees (b) —– being cut and burnt for the sake of (c) —– and habitat, it has a negative effect (d) —– environment. The removal of trees causes the (e) —– and other animals living on them to leave the place.

Answers: a) cutting b) are c)agriculture  d) on e) plant  

7. Fill in the gaps with correct words. 1×5=05

Many of us give indulgence in (a) —— ill of others. We do not (b) —— ourselves and we even do not (c) —— how to praise the good work (d) —— by others. It is necessary to (e) —— this habit. An ideal nation can never get prosperous. It is true in our personal life as well.

Answers: a) doing b) practice c) think/know d) done e) avoid/leave/give away

8. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences.


            Column A                   Column B
a) A school is a seat of education i) has a campus, big or small
b) It has certain wonderful characteristics ii) the students jolly and hilarious
c) Every school iii) which give us pleasure and happiness
d) It is also iv) free from any political violence
e) A wonderful school campus makes v) where we can gain knowledge

 Answers: a+v, b+iii, c+i, d+iv, e+ii

                                       Part C: Grammar (25 Marks)

9. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text.     0.5×10=05 (a) Friend is a divine feeling. It springs from the (b) similar of tastes, feelings and sometimes from gratitude. It soothes a man in his distress, alleviates his (c) suffer, and helps him make his life (d) meaning to his friends and others. (e) Friend comes after one’s (f) associate and (g) observance to others. It does not (h) ling but faces (i) discontinue because of mental (j) differ.

Answers: a) friendship (b) similarity (c) suffering (d) meaningful (e) friendship (f) association (g) observation (h) linger (i) discontinuation (j) differences   

10. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles. Put a cross for zero articles.                                                                5×10=05

To be (a) —– good in English, practice is (b) —– must. Those who do it can do well in (c) —- examination. (d) —– main thing which is needed most is (e) —– determination. It helps (f) —– student to do (g) —– better result. Though it is (h) —– international language, it helps (i) —– us in many (j) —– ways.

Answers: a) ×  b)  a c) the d) The e) × f) a g) a h) an i) × j) ×

11. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. 1×5=5 a) We use mobile phones to make essential communication. (Passive)   b) This small device can do a great job. (Exclamatory)   c) Hazi Muhammad Mahsin did not marry. (Affirmative)   d) Anger is a vice. (Negative)  e) He was born in an educated family. (Negative)

Answers: a) Mobile phones are used to make essential communication by us. Or, Mobile phones are used by us to make essential communication. b) What a job this small device can do! c) Hazi Muhammad Mahsin was unmarried.  d) Anger is not a blessing. e) He was not born in an uneducated family.

12. Change the following passage into indirect speech. 05 “Rohan, have you done your English lesson today?” asked the teacher. “Yes, sir, I did it. But I have not understood some grammatical points,” replied Rohan. “Where are the problems?” said the teacher. “Let’s try again”

Answer:  The teacher asked Rohan if he had done his English lesson that day. Rohan respectfully replied in the affirmative and told that he had done it but he added that he had not understood some grammatical points. The teacher asked him where the problems were and proposed that they should try again.

13. Rewrite the following passage using capitalization and punctuation. 05 the teacher said to arif why are you talking in the class arif replied sir I am asking rahim to lend me his pen the teacher said be attentive in the class.

Answer:  The teacher said to Arif, “Why are you talking in the class?” Arif replied, “Sir, I am asking Rahim to lend me his pen.” The teacher said, “Be attentive in the class.”


                                       Part- D: Writing Test (30 Marks)

14. Write a Dialogue between you and your friend about

        ‘The Bad Effects of Smoking’                                                   10

15. Write an email to your friend thanking him/her for your nice birthday gift.  10

16. Write a Paragraph on “Load Shedding”                    10


Prepared by: Mahbub Murad (Lecturer in English)

Examiner: Dhaka Education Board

Writer and Editor at Naba Puthighar Publication 

Founder: www.onlineeducare.com  

Contact me:    https://www.facebook.com/mmuraddu



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