JSC English Model Test 2018

                         JSC Model Test 2018 (2)

                              Subject: English

Time: 3 hours                                                             Total Marks: 100    

                                   Part A: Seen (20 Marks)

     Read the following passage and answer the questions 1 and 2

Human beings conquered the distance on earth by discovering wheels. They endeavored further. Then on December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers in America made the first experiment of flying in a plane. In the experiment, a machine carried a man and rose above by its own power. The machine was called ‘aka airplane’. It flew naturally in a smooth speed, and finally landed without damage. That was human being’s first real take-off. And now, they have got a supersonic speed. In a supersonic speed, something travels faster than sound! So the sky’s the limit now!

Modern aircraft companies are making revolutions in aviation technology. Boeing as well as Airbus is producing modern passenger airplanes. These planes fly very fast. Boeing 787 flies 950 km/h. However, Airbus 350 is expected to fly in a couple of years. Its speed will be 945 km/h. You find attractive ads on the websites of both Boeing and Airbus planes. Both have excellent features. But in speed, neither could beat the Concorde. It is the world’s fastest supersonic passenger aircraft. Its normal speed was 2,170 km/h. The Concorde was a joint project by France and Britain. It started passenger flight in 1976. Unfortunately, the Concorde fleet was grounded for ever in 2003 after a major accident.

1. Choose the correct answer to each question from the alternatives given. 1×7=7

a) The word ‘ground’ means ——.

i) cannel   ii) river   iii) yard    iv) land

b) The word ‘naturally’ means

i) artificially ii) whimsically      iii) automatically   iv) particularly

c) The word ‘conquer’ means———.

i) subjugate ii) lose       iii) defeat     iv) attack

d) take-off

i) torn ii) adventure   iii) journey   iv) flying

e) Wright brothers were—–.

i) British ii) American      iii) French      iv) Germany

f) The concord was ——– aircraft.

i) a commercial ii) a military      iii) a passenger      iv) a fighter

g) The first experiment of flying in a plane was made by the ——

i) Asians ii) Americans      iii) Australians      iv) Chinese

Answers: a) iv) promptly b) iii) everlasting  c) ii) controlled  d) i) belief  e) i) beset  f) iv) moving from place to place g) ii) restricted

2. Answer the following questions. 2×4=08

a) What do the river gypsies have?

b) What do the scientists believe?

c) What is a mobile boat school?

d) What are the river gypsies used to?


a) The river gypsies have various problems.

b) Scientists believe that Bangladesh will be worst affected by global climate change.

c) A mobile boat school is a temporary school which is not situated in a fixed place. It is established to educate the gypsy children.

d) Traditionally, the river gypsies are used to water life.

3. Fill in the gaps with correct words. 1×5=05

Shamima’s (a) —– started the day she was married. Her husband was a (b) —– person and he used to (c) —– her verbally and physically. Within a few months into her marriage she had to (d) —– her husband Amirul Islam. Now Shamima (e) —– to work with women, who are ill-fated like her.

Answers: a) misery b) greedy c) abuse d) leave e) vows

                        Part B: Unseen (25 Marks)

Read the following text carefully and answer questions 4 and 5

The world is full of great men. They have come to different places of this world. Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah was one of those who contributed a lot towards the Bengali language and literature. He was the greatest scholar of Bengal. The great scholar was born at 24 Parganas in West Bengal on 10th July, 1885. He passed the Entrance Examination in 1904. He obtained his BA degree in 1910, MA in 1912 and BL in 1914. He joined the University of Dhaka in 1921 as a professor of Sanskrit and Bengali. He was awarded the Doctorate Degree from Sorbonne University of Parish in 1928. His ‘Bangla Shahitter Katha’ published in 1953 was the first well arranged history of Bengali literature. In 1966 he was seriously ill and was in sick bed for about two and half a years. The great scholar breathed his last on 13 July, 1969 in Dhaka. We all remember him with gratitude and respect.

4. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage. 1×5=5

The name of Events   Where/ Place Year
Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah’s birth (i) ——- in 1885
Joined Dhaka University   (ii) ——-
(iii) ——- Sorbonne University of Parish  
Bangla Shahitter Katha published (iv) ——-
His death   (v) ——-

Answers: i) at 24 Parganas in West Bengal ii) in 1921  iii) He was awarded the Doctorate Degree  iv) in 1953  v) in 1969

5. Read the passage again and write True or False beside the following statement. 1×5=5

a) Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah was a literary figure in Bangla literature.

b) He was the inhabitant of Bangladesh.

c) He received his MA in 1921.

d) He was the greatest scholar of India.

e) Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah contributed a lot for Bangla language and literature.

Answers: a) True b) True c) False. C.A: He received his MA in 1912. d) False. C.A: He was one the greatest scholars of Bangladesh. e) True. 

6. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes. There are more words than necessary. 0.5×10=5

instinct defend meeting so-called drop people
virtue inspires of should every blood

Patriotism is a noble (a) —- which is an inherent (b) —- in human nature. It (c) —- a man to shed (d) —- drop of blood to (e) —- the liberty and dignity (f) —- the country. But patriotism (g) —- not be merely a (h) —- slogan in the public (i) —- to deceive the (j) —-. It should be cherished in the core of heart and materialized in our deeds.

Answers: a) virtue b) instinct c) inspires d) every e) defend f) of g) should h) so-called i) meeting j) people

7. Fill in the gaps with correct words. 1×5=05

River gypsies are (a) —– to water life. They have inherited from their forefathers necessary life skills to (b) —– in waters. They have (c) —– education and training to (d) —– to mainstream modern society. So the authority (e) —– the need to bring them under formal education network.

Answers: a) used b) survive c) no d) survive/live e) feels 

8. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences.


            Column A                   Column B
a) Street accidents are a regular i) is always accompanied by the news of death
b) Every day we find the news of street ii) phenomenon at present in Bangladesh
c) The news of accidents iii) accidents in the newspaper
d) Driving vehicles at abnormal speeds has been found to be a iv) very important cause of street accidents
e) Reckless driving v) must be stopped
  vi) should be punished

Answers: a+ii, b+iii, c+i, d+iv, e+v

Part C: Grammar (25 Marks)

9. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text. 0.5×10=05

(a) —- (eating) is not a good habit. It means eating (b) —- (excess) food. Some people (c) —- (occasion) eat too much. It results in (d) —- (digestion) which is (e) —- (injury) to health. So it is wise (f) —- (avoid) overeating. (g) —- (usual) people suffer from (h) —- (digest) trouble (i) —- (cause) they cannot resist their (j) —- (tempt) for overeating.

Answers: a) overeating b) excessive c) occasionally d) indigestion e) injurious f)avoiding g) usually h) indigestion i) because j) temptation                 

10. Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross for zero article.                                       0.5×10=05

Man has no escape from (a) —– death. Sooner or later he will die. He dies in (b) —– many ways. Many die of diseases and many die by accident. Again (c) —– some die from something excessive but those who die for (d) —– country are martyrs. Many modern weapons can kill (e) —– men in (f) —– moment. Things have been discovered to keep (g) —– dead body alive for long. So, (h) —– man is called mortal. It is (i) —– meaningless effort if (j) —– man tries to escape from death.

Answers: a) × b) × c) ×  d) × /the e) × /the f) a g) the h) ×  i) a j) a/×

11. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets. 1×5=5 a) Education is power. (Interrogative) b) It is necessary for every man. (Negative) c) So, we should receive education. (Passive) d) Education is very important for man. (Exclamatory) e) Therefore, every parent must educate their children. (Negative)   

Answers: a) Isn’t education a power? b) It is not unnecessary for every man. c) So, education should be received by us. d) How important Education is for man! e) Therefore, every parent cannot but educate their children.                   

12. Change the following passage into indirect speeches. 05   “Stop! You’re eating all our bread,” shouted the two rats. “I am doing my best, but I’ve told you that it’s difficult, said the monkey. “Give us that little piece, said the rats” “This is my piece. Haven’t I done a lot of work for you?” replied the monkey.      

Answers: Being angry, the two rats shouted and ordered/told the monkey to stop because he was eating all their bread. The monkey replied/told that he was doing his best but he had told them that it was difficult. Then the rats told/ordered the monkey to give them that little piece. The monkey replied that that was his piece and he asked them if he had not done a lot of work for them.                                                                  

13. Rewrite the following passage using capitalization and punctuation.    05

why were you absent said the teacher the headmaster is very angry with you go to him at once

Answer: “Why were you absent?” said the teacher, “The Headmaster is very angry with you. Go to him at once.”

                                       Part- D: Writing Test (30 Marks)

14. Write a Dialogue between you and your friend about

           ‘Your Hobbies’                                                                 10

15. Write an email to your friend congratulating him/her for his/her brilliant success. 10

16. Write a Paragraph on “A Winter Morning”                     10




                                                          Conducted by:

                                              Mahbub Murad (Lecturer in English)

                                               Writer and Editor of Nabaputhi Ghar 

                                              Publication,  Examiner (Dhaka Board)

                                              Founder: Online Educare.com



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