J.S.C. English Second Paper Model Test-2014

J.S.C.  Model Test-2014

Subject: English 2nd Paper

Time: 2 hours                                                                                                     Full Marks: 50


1. Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (×) for zero article:                                                                       0.5×6=3

Money is called (a) ______ fuel of life. Though money is (b) ______ must in our practical life, it cannot ensure all happiness. Happiness lies in (c) ______ contentment. Morality plays (d) ______ important role in this regard. We must exercise morality in all (e) ______ walks of our life for building up (f) ______ corruption free nation.

2. Fill in the blanks of the following text with suitable preposition in the box.                                                                                                         0.5×6=3

Up with on of
for to without by

Gratefulness in one of the super virtues (a) ______ man. A grateful person is honored (b) ______ all. We must be grateful (c)_______those who have brought us (d)______. (e) _________ their affection and care, we would not be able to survive on this earth. We must pray (f) ______ them.

3. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets:                                                                                                                                1×5=5

(a) Health is wealth. (interrogative)  (b) A healthy poor man is happier than a sick moneyed man. (positive) (c) A healthy man is not a liability to his family. (affirmative) (d) Everybody must be conscious of health. (negative) (e) Now other thing  in the world is as valuable as health. (comparative)

4. Change the following passage into indirect speech.                                                                                                                                                      1×4=4

The teacher said, “Abir, your JSC exam is knocking at the door. How is your preparation?” “Well, Sir. I am confident about my performance in the exam.” “Very good. May Allah help you to do well in the exam.” “Thank you, sir,” Said Abir.

5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.                                                                                                                                                       0.5×6=3

One should not run (a) _______ money because those who hanker (b) _______ money cannot enjoy mental peace. Sometimes, it may lead one (c) ______ some unexpected troubles. It also happens that greed (d) ______ money brings (e) ______many problems, so we should be contented (f) _______ what we have.

6. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form.   0.5×8=4

cry sacrifice performs having being
trying acts achieve recognized enjoyed

Every citizen (a) ______ some duties and responsibilities in the society. But most of the people (b) ______ careless in this respect. They always want to (c) ______ the facilities from the state. However, they don’t like to (d) ________ their duties. We (e) __________ our national identity through a great sacrifice. Some selfish people do not (f) ________ this supreme sacrifice. They always (g)________against the country . We should (h) ________ our best to protect our country’s interest at any cost.

7. Fill in the gaps of the following text with appropriate articles. Put a cross (×) for zero articles:                                                                                                                               0.5×6=3

There are twelve cadet College in (a) ________ our country . (b) ________ name of our Cadet College is Joypurhat Girls Cadet College, It is (c) ________ residential educational institution. We lead (d) _______ very disciplined life here. We have to do (e) _______ lot of extracurricular activities. Every cannot but play (f)________ active role in these activities.

8. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form.   0.5×8=4


employ allow build shall
lead depend work remember


Bangladesh is full of natural resources. The prosperity of the country (a) ________ on the proper utilization of the resources. We should not (b) ________ a lazy life. We should all (c) ______ up our country. For this reason, we have to (d) ________ hard. No nation can prosper without industry. It should be (e) _________ that “Industry is the key to success”. For the improvement of Bangladesh, each able-bodied person (f) _______ No one (g) _______ to beg. There (h)______center to take care of the disabled persons.

9. Change the following sentences as directed in the brackets:                                       1×5=5

(a) Road accidents are a curse. (negative) (b) They cause a great loss to life and property. (interrogative). But  these accidents occur due to a number for reasons. (c)  The drivers are more responsible than any other person for the accidents. (positive) (d) Most of them hardly know the traffic rules. (passive) (e) Most often they don’t care for the traffic rules. (affirmative).

10. Complete the following text with suitable verbs in the box with their right form:0.5×8=4

go learn live take
get exercise mould shape

A mother (a) _______ an undeniable influences in (b) _______ of children’s character and in (c) _______ their future destiny. The things that they (d) ________ at home (e) _______ a firm root in them. And if (f)________ without saying that this learning they (g)_____ mostly from their mother as they (h) _____under her direct supervision and constant care.


11. Make four sentences from the substitution table.                                                              4



Khan Janhan Ali



as one of the architectural beauties of the country.
The Shat Gombuj Mosque is regarded The mosque as a world heritage site
It has declared Numerous mosque in Bagerhat
The UNESCO built one of them


12. Complete the following passage with suitable verbs in the box with their right form.     4


keep develop need learn Going
do modify revise design  

Communicative competence in English is urgently (a) ___________ in our  country. The present world (b) _________ fast and (c)_______ by leaps and bounds. In order to (d) _______ pace with the present world. We cannot help (e) __________ English, but the present ________ for the classes VIII have to (h) _______ and made up dated.

13. Fill in the gaps used in the text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text.                                                                                         0.5×8=4

(a) Educate is the process by which our mind develops through (b) form learning at an (c) institute like a school, college or university. It is a mental and (d) intellect training which provides opportunities of growth and overcome obstacles to progress. Again, the purpose of education is to (e) light the individual and develop his capacity to the limit. It (f) nobles our mind and refines are (g) sensible. It also (h) broad our outlook and helps us become aware of our rights and responsibilities.