J.S.C. English First Paper Model Test for 2014

                                                               J. S. C. First Model Test

Subject: English First Paper 

(Part: A, Seen Passage 01)

Time: 2:30 hours                                                                                                                                                                                  Full Marks100

Read the passage below and answer the following Questions:

 The word ‘hygiene’ means the practice of keeping ourselves clean. It also means to keep our home and work places clean. It is important for our good health. Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we cannot achieve anything physically, mentally or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind and soul. Nobody likes an unclean person either. So we must follow the rules of hygiene. First, we must keep our body clean. We should have a bath every day and wash our hair regularly. This will keep the body and hair free from dirt and bacteria. Secondly, we should wash our clothes regularly. Dirty clothes give off bad smell and invite germs. We should wear socks and shoes when we go out to protect our feet from dust and germs. It is also important to wash our hands before meals and after using the toilet. We should brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and supper. We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be pure. We can get pure water by boiling and filtering. Finally, we should keep our surroundings and environment clean. If we do and follow all the above things properly, we will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.


1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to  the text :    1×5=05

a. Hygiene

i) untidy       ii) cleanliness     iii) moderate     iv) smartness


i) devotion to God    ii) ruin    iii) protect    iv) monitor

c. Protect

i) harmful    ii) ruin    iii) useful   iv) preserve

d. Surrounding

i) accommodation    ii) extinction    iii) atmosphere    iv) happiness

e. Healthy

i) tasty    ii) delicious    iii) precious   iv) fit

2. Give short answers to the following questions:                                                   2×5=10

a. What does the word “Hygiene” mean?

b. What should we do to keep our body fit?

c. Why should we avoid dirty cloths?

d. Why is good health important?

e. What kind of water should we drink and why?

3. Summarize the text in section A in your own words (around 85 words)                   10


                                       (Part: A, Seen Passage 02) 

Read the passage below and answer the following Questions:

Shamima started to tell us her story. Listening to her, we were stunned and at the same time our hearts were filled with admiration for her. It was 1995, Shamima was 15 years old. She got promoted to class 8. Shamima had all the dreams of an adolescent. She wanted to bring about a change in her life. She wanted to see happiness in her family too. She knew she could fulfill her dream by completing her education and getting a good job.

Fifteen -year old Shamima’s dreams were nipped in the bud. Her father wanted to marry her off against her will. Marrying off a girl under 18 is against the law in Bangladesh. Shamima did not want to get married. But nobody paid any heed to her. They arranged her marriage with a man much older than her. All her tears and protests went in vain. Shamima was married off to Amirul Islam.

  1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to the text :      1×5=05


a. enthralled             b. astonished                            c. shocked                    d. worried

2. Welfare

a. family.                 b. interest.                        c. curiosity.                   d. destruction.

3. Complete

a. entire                     b. partial                            c. share                          d. fractional

4. Protest

a. complement          b. attack                             c. against                       d. limited

5. Admiration

a. abhorrence           b. revulsion                         c. detested                     d. appreciation



5. Give short answers to the following questions:                                                     2×5=10

a. Why did the listeners become stun?

b. What did Samima dream?

c. What happened in Samima’s life?

d. Who are responsible for Samima’s early marriage?

e. What does the author try to show us by telling the story of Samima?

 6. Summarize the text in section A in your own words (around 85 words)                    10


                                   (Part: B, Unseen Passage 01)


Read the passage below and answer the following Questions

Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in 1306 B.S. (1899 A D.) at Churulia the district of Burdwan. Even in his childhood he showed the signs that he would once be a great poet. He lost his father at the age of eight. At the age of eleven he showed his poetic genius. In 1914 when the First World War broke out he went to the army. Then he was minor. At the age of 19 when he was a student of class nine he joined the army as an ordinary soldier on the side of the Allies. On his return from the battle field, he gave up the sword for the pen and began to write poems.

He wrote a lot of poems, songs, short stories, gajal, novels etc. he traveled all brances of Bengali literature. His famous poem ‘Bidrohi’ stirred the whole nation and he was termed as the rebel poet. He was always against the slavery. His poems inspired our Freedom Fighters in the Liberation War. Bangladesh became independent in 1971 and he was taken in 1972 from Calcutta and was declared our national poet. He died on the 29th August, 1976 and was buried in the compound of Dhaka University Mosque.


7. Completer the following table with the information given in the passage.                                              1×5=05

Person Doing/evening Incident Effect/Time
Nazrul was born in (a) ——–
He lost his (b) —— at eleven.
The first world war began in (c) ——-
He joined the (d) —– as a soldier.
He (e) ——– in 1976


8. Read the passage again and write True or False beside the following statements. Give answers for the false statement.                                                                              1×5=05

a. Nazrul is called the revolutionary poet in Bangladesh.

b. Nazrul lost his father when he was adolescent.

c. The First World War happened in the 20th Century.

d. He was one pf the notorious persons in our country.

e. He was a great patriot.

9. Fill in the gaps with appropriate word.                                                                                                   0.5×10=05

Strong attraction for any harmful thing (a)______drug addiction. Drug (b) _______taken either by smoking or through injection. It (c)_____ a man to death slowly. It (d)_______ dangerous effect on human body. An addict (e)______drowsy and (f)_______ his appetite. It also (g)_______brain and all internal function of the body. This drug addiction is a serious problem (h) ________our country. It has grasped the young generation of our country. When they (i) _______ to manage money they commit crimes because they are unable to buy the (j) ______.

 10. Rearrange the following sentences according to sequence and rewrite them in a paragraph.     1×10=10


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

a)     He wanted to teach him a good lesson.

b)    So one day he painted the word ‘dumb’ on a board.

c)     So he thought how he could add to his income.

d)    He could not earn much by begging.

e)     Once there lived a beggar in a city.

f)      One day an idea crossed his mind.

g)     He was very jealous of him.

h)     Another beggar also lived in the city.

i)       He hung it round his neck.

j)       He thought that he would have more money if he pretended to be dumb. 

11. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxes. There are more words than necessary.                                                           0.5×10=05


people conscious food because nutritive from
important health diet means level observe

Good health (a)___________soundness of body and mind. It keeps one fit and free (b)________diseases. By observing certain rules, one can keep good (c)______. One is to take a balanced (d)_________, drink pure water, take regular exercise and rest etc. He is also to (e)_________the rules of cleanliness. Since most of the people of our country live below the poverty (f)________, they do not get the (g)________they need for good health. Even the rich and the educated people are not (h)______of  the rules of good health. They do not take

a balanced diet (i) _______they think that costly food means a (j)_________food .


12. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in Column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences.                                                                                    1×5=05


Column A Column B
(i) Bangladeshi cuisine refers to the (a) for light curry.
(ii) Bangladeshis have strong


(b) food prevalent in Bangladesh.
(iii) The staple Bangladeshi foods are (c) for certain, tastes and flavors.
(iv) Dishes from chicken, beef, fish, muttorn, fish, vegetables and dal  

(d) varieties of rice and flat breads.

(v) Vegetables are used (e)are common accompaniments of rice.


13. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words from your own experiences:      0.5×10=05

It is well-known to us that, wild animals and birds a) —– an important rule in our daily life. But unfortunately, we are destroying them b) —– for our own need. As a result, we c) —– our environment because our environment is closely d) —– with all of them. We e) —– birds for foods and feathers, hunt big cats for f) —– fur coats. Similarly, we g) —– other reptiles for shoes and bags. As a result, our lives become in a great h) —– and everyday we i) —– many natural calamities. Besides them, most of the places of our country are j) —–into desert.

14. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words from the following words:                                                                0.5×10=05


Create Residence destroy Residential Them
Destroy which Keeps hunt Nation


The natural environment a) —– three important elements b) —– are humans, animals and plants. But unfortunately, these c) —– cruelly by the human beings. As a result, they d) —–a danger for them. They do it for their own necessity. They e) —– forests and other habitants for making their f) —–. So, wild animals are losing their g) —– areas. As a result, we are losing h) —– quickly. Beside it, some greedy people i) —– birds and animals which also makes a great threat for out j) —–.

15. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in Column B are the endings. Match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete  sentences.                                                                                    1×5=05



Column A Column B
(i) Deforestation means (a) rising rapidly.
(ii) The effects of deforestation are (b) carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide
(iii) Due to deforestation (c) serious damage to the soil
(iv)  The see level is (d) too many to describe.
(v) It also causes (e) cutting down of trees in large number.