Intoduce myself

Good morning Sir/Everybody

First of all thank you so much for providing this opportunity. At the same time it was great pleasure to introduce my self in front of you/audience.

I am Redwanul Islam. Coming from Barisal.I am student of BIU department of English and sixth semester running. I completed my HSC from Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasha with GPA-4.75 in 2010. I want to be a teacher.At most of my leisure time to spend on Gardening, listening to music, and traveling new places.

And I am very happy to say about my strengths. I am a quick learner, hard worker and also adaptable to any environment and my biggest strength are my smile. Because it pay attention of listener and give me some time to think about whatever ask to me.

Coming to my family background. Consist of 5 members. My father. He is a teacher and my mother, she is home maker. And I have an elder sister and brother.

And finally i want to say that i try my best every time every where.

Thank you sir and thanks everybody.

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