Important Similar Wards for P.S.C. Candidates

        Most Important Similar Words From Their Text Book 


Afraid- frightened, scared, anxious

Ago- before, past, previously

Ahead- forward, onward, fast

Annual- yearly, yearbook, twelve-monthly

Assistant- associate, helper, supporter, subordinate

Attractive- gorgeous, smart, pretty, beautiful

Beautiful- lovely, attractive, gorgeous, handsome

Believe- trust, have faith in, have confidence in

Celebrated- famous, great, renowned, eminent, notable

Clear- pure, strong, perfect

Common- public, mutual, collective, shared

Condition- circumstance, form, illness, disorder, state, situation,

Construct- build, create, theory, make, concept, idea, hypothesis

Curious- interested, inquisitive, eager, enthusiastic, keen

Customer- buyer, consumer, client, purchaser

Doctor- physician, consultant, surgeon, specialist

Finish- close, stop, end, destination, conclusion,

Fun- amusing, enjoyable, exciting, great

Hope- wish, expect, courage, confidence

Ill- sick, unpleasant, cruel, hard,

Independent- liberated, free, sovereign,  

Instructions- direction, guideline, advice, command

Kindness- gentleness, greatness, sympathy, humanity

Large- huge, big, great, bulky, fat

Lazy- sluggish, idle, indolent

Medicine- drug, remedy, dose, treatment

Notice- observes, detect, note, perceive

Pain- hurt, discomfort, sting, agony  

Pet- domestic, household, internal, native

Proceed- ensure, continue, progress, keep, advance

Quick- swift, fast, speedy, hasty, hurried, rapid

Really- surely, actually, truly, certainly, exactly

Reply- response, answer, reaction, account

Sad- unhappy, gloomy, down, wretched

Silent- quiet, noiseless, soundless, mute, hushed, still

Sorrow- sadness, distress, regret, mourning, grief, unhappiness

Start- begin, activate, arise, originate, create  

Worry- fear, anxiety, concern, panic, burden  

Varieties- changes, different, diversities, multicolor

Understand- appreciate, realize, recognize, know

Tremble- shake, vibration, quake, tremor

Weak- sickly, powerless, soft, nerveless, puny

Return- come back, turn back, arrival, go back

Save- protect, guard, rescue, rid  

Riddle- puzzle, confusion, mystery, question, enigma

Help- assist, support, aid, favor

Mistake- fault, error, misstep, oversight, blunder

Hurry- rush, haste, urgency, hastiness, expedite

Say- tell, talk, speak, mention, ask, utter, narrate

Under- bellow, down, beneath,






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