Important Model Questions for PSC 2012

  1.   Ms Jamila Akter is a shop assistant        She finds her job interesting.          (Lesson-7) 

          2.      Shiab is ten years old  Many families live there.      (Lesson-15)

          3.      Next day was Lima’s birthday       Lima was very fond of her.          (Lesson-18)

          4.      The name of our country is Bangladesh I love my  country very much.         (Lesson-20)

          5.      It was a hot summer day        then he quickly left the place.          (Lesson-23)

          6.      After a month’s fasting Eid-ul-fitre        they embraced each other.          (Lesson-25)

           7.      Shihab was having a very good time      to build the flyover.   (Lesson-27)

           8.      Today is Friday  return home in the evening. (Lesson-31)

           9.      Last winter Tanin’s school    they enjoyed the visit very much.          (Lesson-36)

          10.    Once there was a young boy called Aladin     she said to the stranger.          (Lesson-38-A)


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