Linking Devices

1. To Put in Time Order   (সময়ের ক্রম দ্বারা নির্ধারন করতে) : 

a. Now(এখন): Now I am waiting in front of my university with my friends.

b. Then(তারপর): At first you should lead properly then everybody will obey you.

c. Before (পূর্বে): I had completed my work before he came to my residence.

d. After (পরে): The patient died after the doctor came.

e. Afterwards (পরবর্তীকালে): If you maintain the rules and regulations of Islam afterwards you will gain reward from your God.

f. Earlier (আগে): You should do the work earlier

g. Later (অপেক্ষাকৃত পরে): I will come later to the meeting.

h. Immediately (অনতিবিলম্বে, ততক্ষনাত): I will solve the problem immediately.   

i. Soon (শ্রীঘ্র, অতিসত্তর): As soon as possible I will complete my mission.

j. Next (পরবর্তী, সন্নিহীত): Next Friday is my 22th Birthday.

k. In a few days (অল্প কিছু দিন যাবত): Eve teasing is increasing in the height position in a few days. 

l. Meanwhile (ইতোমধ্যে): Meanwhile we have reached the university. 

m. Gradually (ধারাবাহিকভাবে, ক্রমবিন্যাস করা): Gradually I am going to reach my goal.

n. Suddenly (আকস্মিকভাবে, হঠাৎ): Walking though the meander suddenly a snake bit me.

o. Finally (অবশেষে): Finally I gained the reward of my work.

p. Previously (পূর্ববর্তীভাবে):


2. To Add (যুক্ত করতে): 

a. Also (আরও,) : You are not only my classmate but also my friend.

b. And (এবং): He suggested me to do the work and I did the work according to his suggestion.

c. And then (তারপর): At first you should respect to your elders and then your younger will respect you.  

d. Too (অতিরিক্ত, আরও): I am too weak to walk.  

e. Plus (যোগ চিহ্ন): Two plus two equal four.

f. In addition (যুক্ত করা): In addition with my S.S.C certificate I have provided my driving license in my CV.

g. Further-more (অধিকন্তু): Further-more I want to say without your help the work has been done by him. 

h. Moreover (অধিকন্তু): Moreover you should not do the work.

i. Again (পুনরায়): I promise that without your permission I will not do the work again. 

j. On top of that ():

k. Another (অন্য,আরেক,অপরজন): One after another they hit the thief. 


3. To Put in Space Order (স্থানের দূরত্ব অনুসারে বসানো)


a. Near (নিকটবর্তী, আসন্ন) There is a large banyan tree near our university campus.

b. Near to (সন্নিকটে): His house is situated near to our house.

c. Far (দুরবর্তী, দূরে): He built a hut for cooking which is very far from his residence.

d. Far from

e. In front of (সম্মুখে, সামনে): There is a large pond in front of our house.  

f. In the rear of (পশ্চাৎভাগে): there is a large forest in the rear of the castle

g. Beside (পাশে, তুলনায়): I will try to get result in the exam beside his result.  

h. Alongside (পাশাপাশি, নিকটবর্তী): Alongside my text book I should study much.

i. Beyond (অতীত, অতিক্রম করিয়া):

j. Above (উপরে): In the above I mentioned the summary about the story.

k. Below (নিচে): In the below I will mention the main idea of the topic.

l. To the right (ডানে): Try to keep the books to the right side of the table.

m. To the left (বামে):Try to stand to the left side of the row.

n. Around (চারদিকে): A lot of events are occurring around the world but we do not know.

o. Surrounding (বিস্তিত, চারদিকে): Surrounding our house there are many gardens.    

p. On one side (এক পাশে, এক পক্ষ):

q. Inside (অভ্যন্তর ভাগ, ভিতরে): Inside my garden there is a small vegetable garden which is situated in the corner.

r. Outside (বাহির) The outside of the building is very beautiful especially the architectures of it. 

s. Alongside (পাশাপাশি, নিকটবর্তী): I will build a castle alongside my hut.


4. To Compare (তুলনা করতে):


a. In the same way (একইভাবে): He completed his assignment by the help of internet and in the same way I also complete my assignment. 

b. Similarly (সাদৃশ্যপূর্নভাবে): I did the work similarly you also did it.

c. Just like

d. Just as

e. Likewise (অনুরুপভাবে): Likewise there are some interesting ways to solve this sum.


5. To Contrast (তুলনা করিয়া পার্থক্য দেখাতে):


a. But (কিন্তু): He worked hard but he failed.

b. Still (শান্ত, শুদ্ধ):

c. However (যাই হোক): However you should not do the work.

d. On the other hand (অন্যথায়, অপরপক্ষে): On the other hand I want to say you should not do the work.

e. On the contrary (বিরুদ্ধ, বিপরীত দিকে)

f. Yet (এখনও পর্যন্ত, তবু): I forbade you to stay here but yet you are staying here.

g. Nevertheless (তথাপি): He is poor nevertheless he is honest. 

h. Despite (বিদ্ধেষ,অবজ্ঞা):

i. In spite of (সত্তেও): In spite of his illness he is present.

j. Even though ():

l. In contrast (তুলনায়, বিপরীতে):

m. Instead (পরিবর্তে): He achieved the job instead of mine.


6. To show cause and effect: (কারন এবং প্রভাব দেখাতে)


a. Because কারন

b. Since যেহেতু

c. So তাই

d. Consequently অতএব, সুতরাং

e. As a result ফলে

f. Therefore তাই, সুতরাং

g. Then তারপর

h. Accordingly অনুসারে

i. Hence যেহেতু

j. Thus এভাবে

7. To Show Purpose: (উদ্ধেশ্য বুঝাতে)


a. For this reason এই কারনে

b. For this purpose এই উদ্ধেশ্যের জন্য

c. So that this may happen তাই ইহা ঘটতে পারে


8. To emphasize (চাপ প্রয়োগ করতে)


a. Indeed বস্তুত, মূলঃত

b. In fact বস্তুত, মূলঃত

c. Surely নিশ্চিতভাবে

d. Necessarily প্রয়োজনীয়ভাবে

e. Certainly নিশ্চিতভাবে

f. Without any doubt সন্দেহহীনভাবে, নিঃসন্দেহে

g. In any event

h. Truly  

i. Again(পুনরায়)

j. To repeat


9. To Give Example: (উদাহরন প্রদান করতে)


a. For example (উদাহরনসরুপ)

b. For instance

c. As an illustration

d. Specifically (বিশেষভাবে)

e. To be specific (বিশেষায়িত করতে)

f. As proof (প্রমানিত)


10. To Summarize: (সংক্ষেপন করতে)


a. In summary (সারমর্মে)

b. In conclusion(উপসংহারে, অবসানে)

c. As I have shown

d. As has been stated

e. In other words

f. In brief (সংক্ষেপে)

g. To sum up (সারাংশে)

h. Thus (এভাবে)

i. So (তাই)


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