HSC English Final Suggestion 2016


  HSC English Final Suggestion 2016  

Seen Comprehension (Question 1-8):

Communicative ——– designed to do. (U-3, L-1)

Statistics show ——— better saliries. (U-3, L-2)

His name was Jerry ——— of his character. (U-4, L-6)

Every year ———- unnecessary diseases. (U-6, L-5)

How safe will ——- reduce the losses. (U-7, L-5)

The unit by which ——– inside the building. (U-9, L-5)

Television has ——— influenced by them. (U-10, L-1)

A society’s culture ———– inappropriate. (U-11, L-1)

As his reputation ———— physical wel-being. (U-12, L-6)

Working opportunities ———- ILO project. (U-15, L-3)

                             Paragraph Writing

Bangla New Year

The Importance of Learning English

Gender Discrimination


Dowry Syastem in Bangladesh

                         Formal Letter

An application for setting up an english Debating Club.

An application for staging a drama in the college auditorium.

An application for seeking permition to go on a study tour.

An application for increasing library facilities.

An application for setting up an English language club.

                        E- mail

About admission procedure for the foreign students.

Ordering some books from a library.

Condoling your friend on his father’s death.

Thanking your friend for his hospitality.

Seeking permission to go on a study tour.

Advising your friend not to adopt umfair means in the exam.

                  Writing Reports

Price Hike

Prize giving ceremony on your college

A road accident

Load shedding

Traffic jam in Dhaka city

A Cultural Program in your college

                    Paragraph Writing

Your College Library


Your Aim in Life

Load Shedding

Environment Pollution

                                 Short Composition  

Wonders of Modern Science

Your Childhood Memories

A Journey that you have enjoyed recently


Drug Addiction

Uses and abuses of Satellite Channels

Benefits of reading newspaper.

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