HSC English 2nd Paper Model Test 2020

                                                                       HSC Model Test 2020

                                                                           English 2nd Paper

                                            Part A: Grammar (60 Marks)

1.F Fill in the blanks in the following text with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks. 0.5×10=5

Rahim is (a) —— affluent man now. Through hard work and devotion he has managed to turn the wheels of (b) —— fortune. He was (c) —— unemployed youth before beginning agricultural work. He belonged to (d) —— impoverished family. He worked as (e) —— labourer before he joined the training programme of Natore Horticulture Centre. (f) —— officer in charge of (g) —— centre said that he was (h) —— energetic youth. He first received training in vegetable cultivation. Then he got (i) —— lease of land in his village and applied his knew knowledge to cultivate vegetables. He made (j) —— profit of taka one lakh by cultivating vegetables.

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions.   0.5×10=5

We sleep (a) —— night and rise early (b) —— the morning hearing the sweet songs of different birds. They are divided (c) —— many classes. The crow is a very common bird. It feeds (d) —— dead animals and dirty things. The cuckoo is the most popular (e) —— all song birds. The dove, the pigeon, the snipe, the heron, the pankauri are well known game birds. They are famous (f) —— their flesh. There are some birds which build their nests (g) —— great skill. Many game birds come (h) —— foreign land during autumn and winter. Birds are our natural wealth. They are helpful and useful (i) —— us in many ways. Therefore, we should not kill bird at random. We should take proper care (j) —— them.

3. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box.                      0.5×10=05

let alone would you mind as long as    has to   need not
in case     wishes      there    what if used to

(a) There is a charitable dispensary in our village. No one —— pay for the service.                                                                (b) There —— be houses around here long time.                                                                                                                                          (c) A : I have my drawing class tomorrow. B : —— you forget to bring the colour pencils?                                                  (d) The teacher speaks very slowly. His voice does not reach to 50 students —— hundred.                                               (e) He has gone to Chittagong. He has left his car with his neighbor —— somebody needs to move his car.         (f) His father is very sick. —— is no hope of his recovery.                                                                                                                   (g) He has many shirts. He —— buy any shirt.                                                                                                                                          (h) Sami swam in the lake. Now he has caught cold. He —— had not swim in the lake.                                                          (i) A : —— holding my bag for a moment? B : —— oh! Sure! No problem!                                                                                   (j) He is amiable in nature. He will tolerate your insult in silent —— he can, but will not make any reply.

4. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases.                                 0.5×10=5

(a) You cannot buy a car unless —. It costs a lot.                                                                                                                                             (b) You are now sick. Call me in case ——.

(c) He is so short that ——.

(d) Since there are no more questions to discuss ——.

(e) I worked hard although ——.

(f) Hardly had we started to eat when ——.

(g) We were unable to go by train because of ——.

(h) I will give him the message as soon as ——.

(i) When I was a child ——.

(j) There are many helpless people. I wish ——.

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context.     0.5×10=5       Many events of great importance (a) —— (take) place during the last century. Significant advances (b) —— (make) in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies (c) —— (gain) independence. The movement for democracy (d) —— (become) prominent in many parts of the world. Two world wars (e) —— (break) out in this century. It also (f) —— (witness) the misuse of automatic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely (g) —— (destroy) as a result of the dropping of atom bombs. However, the emergence of Bangladesh as an independent nation (h) —— (become) a momentous event. After a bloody war of nine months Bangladesh (i) —— (bear). Now we (j) —— (hold) our heads high in the community of nations.                    6. Read the text and change the sentences as directed.                                                1×5=5                                                       (a) Child labour is one of the biggest curses of the 21st century (positive). It is complete violation of human rights. (b) Unfortunately, it has been accepted in our society (complex). (c) Only poverty is responsible for this (negative). (d) In a family of five or six children, the parents have to send some of their kids to work so that they can fill their empty stomachs (simple). (e) Though these poor children have to do bone breaking work all day, in return they are rewarded with all kinds of abuse (compound).                                                                       7. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                                  05                                                      The teacher said to the boy, “Why did you make a noise in the class? You are not attentive to your lessons”. “Sorry, Sir” said the boy. “I was asking for a pen to my friend”. The teacher said,” Be attentive and listen to me carefully”.

8. Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentence so that all pronoun references are clear.                  1×5=5                                                                                             In small village, a little boy lived with its father and mother. He was the only son for him. The parents of the little boy were very depressed due to its bad temper. The boy used to get angry very soon and taunt others with his bad words. He scolded kids, neighbours and even his friends due to anger. He invited all worries for its parents through it. As a result, his friends and neighbours avoided it.                                                                                    9. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces.     0.5×10=5                                        It is said that the other name of (a) —— (use an adjective to pre-modify the noun) water is life. Because by drinking it we quench (b) —— (use possessive to pre-modify the noun) thirst. So, we need pure water (c) —— (post-modify the verb using an infinitive) on the earth. But (d) —— (pre-modify the noun) water is life killing. By drinking contaminated water, we suffer from (e) —— (use quantifier to pre-modify the noun) diseases. We may (f) —— (pre-modify the verb) face (g) —— (pre-modify the noun) death by drinking contaminated water. We are responsible for (h) —— (use noun adjective to pre-modify the noun) pollution. Waste materials from mills and factories are thrown here and there. Besides latrines (i) —— (use present participle to post-modify the noun) on ponds and rivers cause water pollution. So, (j) —— (pre-modify the noun) awareness should be raised to stop water pollution.                                                                                                                                                                         10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following passage.   0.5×10=05                   The world we live in is full of things (a) —— natural and man-made. Both natural and man-made things constitute our environment. Any abnormal change in chemical, physical (b) —— biological characteristics of the environment are called pollution. It causes a lot of harm to mankind. (c) ——, it creates health hazards to a greater extent. So, some effective and positive measures should be taken (d) —— prevent environment pollution. (e) —— the government should take a hand to create a better environment for living on earth. (f) —— it will carry benefit for all of us. (g) —— we think that (h) —— the government is responsible (i) —— we have nothing to do. (j) —— this is shocking no doubt.                                                                                                                               11. Read the passage and write the antonym or synonym of the underlined words as directed.   0.5×10=05 Sincerity is the root of success of all work. One can go a long way if he does a job with sincerity. The great men are sincere because they know that sincerity is the key to success. Those who do not follow the rules of sincerity can never go a long way. Sincerity is the secret of victory. If any work is not done with sincerity, one will never receive desirable output from it. So we should be sincere in every walk of life.                                                (a) success (antonym); (b) job (synonym); (c) great (antonym); (d) because (synonym); (e) know (synonym); (f) follow (antonym); (g) rules (synonym); (h) never (antonym); (i) victory (synonym); (j) desirable (antonym).            12. There are ten errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Rewrite the text correcting the errors.                                                                                                                                                            0.5×10=05                                       He said I can chop some wood today I said but I have a boy coming from the orphanage I am the boy But you are small size doesn’t matter chopping wood he said some of the big boys do not chop wood well I’ve been chopping wood at the orphanage for a long time.

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