HSC English 2nd Paper Model Test 2020

                                                                HSC Model Test 2020 (3)

                                                                         English 2nd Paper

                                                                     Part A: Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Fill in the blanks in the following texts with articles (a/an/the) as necessary. Some of the blanks may not require an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks. .5×10=5

A craftwork is (a) —— applied form of art, (b) —— social and cultural product reflecting (c) —— inclusive nature of folk (d) ——  imagination. A craftwork, which usually doesn’t bear (e) —— signature of its (f) —— maker, retains (g) —— personal touch. When we look at (h) —— thirty-year old nakshikantha we wonder at (i) ——  its months and designs that point to (j) —— artistic ingenuity and the presence of the maker in it.

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions. .5×10=5

Universities should never be made (a) —— mechanical organization (b) —— collecting and distributing knowledge. (c) —— them, people should offer their intellectual hospitality, their wealth (d) —— mind to others, and earn their proud right (e) —— in return to receive gifts (f) —— the rest of the world. But, (g) —— the whole length and breadth (h) —— India, there is not a single university established (i) —— the modern time where a foreign or an Indian student can properly be acquainted (j) —— the best product of Indian mind.

3. Complete the sentences with suitable phrases/words given in the box. .5×10=5

as if there let alone would rather what if
was born as soon as had better have to What does…. look like

(a) Aristotle is the great philosopher who had a vast knowledge in different subjects. He —— in Stagira in 384 BC.

(b) —— was a big tree in the forest. But people cut it down for their settlement.

(c) He is behaving —— he were the king of the world. Actually he is a rogue.

(d) I am worried about my new job. —— I lose my job?

(e) If you want to prosper in life, you —— keep working hard patiently. There is no short cut way to succeed.

(f) —— she finished her work, she called her father.

(g) Rohan cannot ride a bicycle, —— drive a car. I have never seen an inactive person like him.

(h) Son : Mom, —— a devil ——?  Mom : Sorry, dear, I have never seen a devil.

(i) I have an important task with you. We —— meet early.

(j) I —— go out for dinner than remain hungry.

4. Complete the sentences using suitable clauses/phrases. .5×10=5

(a) There are many obstacles in our way to success. We must work hard so that ——.

(b) My childhood was full of joys and happiness. Would that ——.

(c) When I got down from the train, I saw my friend, Ripon. It was long since ——.

(d) Five years have passed since ——. I still miss him very much.

(e) I didn’t know anything of the matter. ——, I would have told him about it.

(f) The poem was too difficult ——. The teacher told us to listen to him very carefully.

(g) Some students adopt unfair means in the examination. It is high time ——.

(h) If I had a camera, ——. I like photography very much.

(i) Don’t worry. I will join you after I ——. Then we will play together.

(j) You take so much food at dinner. You will suffer unless ——.

5. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs as per subject and context. .5×10=5

Cooperation means (a) —— (to work) together for the benefit of all. Without cooperation modern society (b) —— (exist). Cooperation (c) —— (see) at its best among farmers in the dry regions of some parts of Australia and America. The fields (d) —— (irrigate) in these regions. Crops cannot be grown without water. Water (e) —— (bring) to the fields without streams being tapped higher up. For this purpose canals and dams (f) —— (build). The canals have been cut through the fields of more than one farmer. Those who (g) —— (live) higher up the valley than the others (h) —— (allow) to build canals through their land in order to carry water to the fields of farmers lower down. In times of drought all (i) —— (be) able to share the water. Instead of taking all water for themselves the farmers on the higher land leave enough for their neighbours down the valley. Farming in dry areas (j) —— (make) possible by such cooperation. By cooperation farmers have learned to make even the desert produce crops.

6. Read the text and change the sentences as directed. 1×5=5                                                                                                        (a) Child labour is one of the biggest curses of the 21st century (positive). It is complete violation of human rights. (b) Unfortunately, it has been accepted in our society (complex). (c) Only poverty is responsible for this (negative). (d) In a family of five or six children, the parents have to send some of their kids to work so that they can fill their empty stomachs (simple). (e) Though these poor children have to do bone breaking work all day, in return they are rewarded with all kinds of abuse (compound).                                                                             

7. Change the narrative style by using indirect speeches.                                        5                                                                          The beggar said, “Will you give me some food? I have been without food for two days.” The housewife said, “Why don’t you work? You can earn your own food.” “Oh my God”, said the beggar. “I am disabled. I can’t work.”

8. Identify the unclear pronoun references in the following paragraph. Where necessary, rewrite the sentence so that all pronoun references are clear.    1×5=5                                                                                                           In small village, a little boy lived with its father and mother. He was the only son for him. The parents of the little boy were very depressed Jue to its bad temper. The boy used to get angry very soon and taunt others with his bad words. He scolded kids, neighbours and even his friends due to anger. He invited all worries for its parents through it. As a result, his friends and neighbours avoided it.

9. Read the following text and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces. .5×10=5                                             One day Israt was returning home (a) —— (post-modify the verb) from college. On the way she saw a dog (b) —— (use a participle phrase to post-modify a noun). It was barking (c) —— (post-modify the verb). An (d) —— (pre-modify the noun) boy had hit the poor creature with a big stone. It hurt its (e) —— (pre-modify the noun) leg and it was bleeding (f) —— (postmodify the verb). Israt became (g) —— (post-modify the verb) sad. She (h) —— (pre-modify the verb) carried the dog home and nursed the wound. She tied a bandage tightly round the (i) —— (pre-modify the noun) leg. In a week the dog was (j) —— (use an intensifier to pre-modify the adjective) well.

10. Use appropriate sentence connectors in the blank spaces of the following text.   .5×10=5                           Mobile phone has become an essential gadget for everybody. (a) —— it has become very popular. (b) –— it has created a number of problems. It has (c) —— advantages (d) —— disadvantages. (e) –—it helps connect people. (f) —— it helps to exchange information. (g) —— it can be used for various purposes. (h) —— it has a few disadvantages (i) —— can cause a lot of troubles. (j) –— it advantages are more than its disadvantages.

11. Read the following passage and then write the synonym or antonym of the words as directed below. .5×10=5                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Teaching is a noble profession. It is an ideal career for women. Teaching gives women a golden chance to take care of household works. Teaching is more difficult than any other job. A teacher not only has to take classes but also prepare students’ test and evaluate exam scripts after class hours. And he has to guide his learners also to choose career.  (a) teaching (antonym); (b) noble (antonym); (c) profession (synonym) ; (d) chance (synonym); (e) prepare (synonym); (f) difficult (antonym); (g) evaluate (synonym); (h) guide (antonym); (i) household (synonym); (j) choose (synonym).

12. There are errors in the use of punctuation marks in the following text. Rewrite the text correcting the errors.                                                        .5×10=5 

 The high and the low the rich and poor the wise and the foolish the sinner and the virtuous all must die. Death is a must. There is no way to escape from death, Where there is life. There is death. It is unfortunate that, sometimes we forget, we are mortal. Different worldly attractions, make us forget our transient existence on earth.

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