How to Speak English Fluently

1. How can this be possible to master the English language effectively at the fastest time? (In other words, is it possible to speak English almost like the English within four months?)
It’s a regrettable fact that according to the national curriculum the students of our country study English compulsorily for 12 years in their schools and colleges. Twelve years! It’s unbelievable! More than a decade!

The more regret is that even after acquiring honors and master’s degree from the universities, most of them do not understand English well and they cannot speak English fluently and also they can’t write correctly.
So to most people,
“How can this be possible to master the English language effectively at the fastest time?” Or,
“How is it possible to speak English fluently? And How to understand English books, newspapers and magazines, etc. easily?” Moreover,
“How is it possible to understand the broadcastings from English-speaking channels?”
– these are the most concerning issues.
So we should adopt such a method so that we can achieve maximum success by spending the minimum time, labor and money.
However, hopefully, the answer is,
Possible. Yes, possible! It is possible to speak English almost like the English within 4 months! English kids take several years but it is possible for you only within 4 months!! As you are not still a new-born baby.
Through this method, not only adults, even a school-going student of class six or seven can achieve such of those skills in English by making some extra efforts within only four months. This will not disrupt one’s educational studies. Just making some extra efforts according to the specific method will do everything. Consequently, after this four-month effort, one would not have to be worried about the English language throughout his life anymore. Neither a tutor will be required nor should they go to a coaching center later on.
Yes, by all means. Rest assured. Relying on Allah (swt), I guarantee you that, this is very possible.
To achieve this just you need to be self-confidence or determined and a little bit of hard working.

But what is most important is that – an effective, comprehensive and pragmatic direction.
I have used two specific words in this sense, that is, the method must be- 1. Comprehensive and 2. Pragmatic.

That is, to learn English, everything should be specific of what you will do and what will not do and how you will do everything of those from the beginning to the end. And those plans and activities have to be pragmatic.
And the name of such an effective, comprehensive and pragmatic method of learning English is – Comprehensive Method of Spoken English. And this method is absolutely pragmatic.
By the endless blessings of Allah (swt), I found this method as effective through long research, thought and experiment. Which I will gradually introduce to you in the next videos, Insha Allah.
In pursuance of this method, all of your complexity in English will remove and English will become a simple and easy thing for you, Insha Allah.

In that case, you could understand English books as well as the English; you could be able to speak English fluently with them and also you could understand CNN, BBC, and like other English-speaking channels.

Then what is left?

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