How to Learn Speaking English

A dialogue between you and your teacher about how to learn speaking in English


Myself:      Good morning, sir. How are you?

Teacher:  Good morning. I am fine. What’s about you?

Myself:     I am also fine. Sir, I need your suggestion about a topic.

Teacher:  Oh sure! Tell me, how can I help you?

Myself:     I want to know how to learn speaking in English.  

Teacher:   Hmm. Actually, English is an international language. So, you have to work hard to acquire it.

Myself:       I know. How can I achieve it?

Teacher:   Firstly, you have to practice speaking in English with your friends and class mates. Secondly, you can watch English movies,                               listen English songs. Then, you have to read English story books, magazines etc.

Myself:      Can I learn the grammatical rules of English?

Teacher:   Surely, if you know the proper utilization of grammar, it will support you to write and speak correctly.

Myself:      Thank you sir for your nice concept. I will continue practice from today.   

Teacher:    Okay dear, carry on.