How to Keep the School Campus Clean

                         How to keep the school campus clean

Keeping the school campus neat and clean is very important for all the students because a school is a place to study and learn. If the physical environment is not an attractive one, then studying and learning become less pleasant and the concentration of the students will be hampered. To keep the school campus neat and clean the students have to do some certain works. Firstly, in every class the students can make a class forum or group and the leader of the forum can divide the works. There are different works in the school campus. According to the instruction of the leader the students will continue the work. Some students of a forum can arrange of garbage and rubbish in waste disposal containers, take care of the gardens and trees. Similarly, another group can keep the plants well-trimmed, mow the lawn, and trim the grass around the borders. Other group can rake the fallen leaves, keep the statues well-polished, mop and vacuum the floors and carpets inside. Some can clean the walls, windows and other surfaces. To keep the campus always neat and clean the students can make some rules permanently both inside and outside of the classroom. Firstly, students should not spit in the class, drop litter in the class. Secondly, they have to use the bin for trash and keep the desks and chairs in place. At the time of performing the works they can get any help from their class teacher and other teachers. In this process the students can keep their school campus neat and clean.