Gerund and its uses 

Generally, a gerund is a non-finite verb and it is the form of the verb which ends in – ing and has the force of a Noun and a Verb.

সাধারনত Gerund হলো verb + ing যেটি Noun এবং verb এর কাজ করে।  তাই একে Double Parts of Speech বলা হয়।

Uses of the Gerund

A gerund being a noun and verb may be used as –

  1. Subject of a verb:

Swimming is a good exercise.

Sleeping is necessary to health.

Reading is a good habit.

Writing makes a man perfect.

  1. Object of a verb:

We enjoyed swimming in the river.

He enjoyed sleeping in the open air.

They like playing in the open field.

We like walking in the open field.

  1. Complement of verb:

What they like best is reading.

His main habit was travelling.

What my aim in life is teaching.

  1. Object of Preposition:

He was scolded for swimming in a dirty pond.

We are fond of reading books.

I think of retiring soon from the job.

Chicken is good for eating.


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