Final Model Test for J.S.C. Candidates 2013

                               Final Model Test – 2013

                                     Subject: English 1st Paper

                                                           Class: viii

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                                           Total Marks: 100          

Section – A (Reading Test, Seen Passage)

Read the text and answer the questions 1,2,3:

The word ‘hygiene’ means the practice of keeping ourselves clean. It also means to keep our home and work places clean. It is important for our good health. Hygiene is thought to be next to godliness. It is because we cannot achieve anything physically, mentally or spiritually if we are unclean in our body, mind and soul.

 Nobody likes an unclean person either. So we must follow the rules of hygiene. First, we must keep our body clean. We should have a bath every day and wash our hair regularly. This will keep the body and hair free from dirt and bacteria. Secondly, we should wash our clothes regularly. Dirty clothes give off bad smell and invite germs. We should wear socks and shoes when we go out to protect our feet from dust and germs. It is also important to wash our hands before meals and after using the toilet. We should brush our teeth twice a day, after breakfast and supper. We must also cut our nails regularly. Our drinking water must be pure. We can get pure water by boiling and filtering. Finally, we should keep our surroundings and environment clean. If we do and follow all the above things properly, we will be able to lead a healthy and happy life.


1. Guess the meaning of the following words and choose the correct meaning closest to the text.     1×5=05

(i) Achieve

(a) loose (b) attain  (c) lose  (d) obtain

(ii) Mentally

(a) bodily   (b) organic  (c) generally (d) psychologically

(iii) Hygine

(a) untidy (b) smartnews  (c) cleanliness  (d) freshness

(iv) Protect

(a) ruin  (b) devastate  (c) preserve  (d) destroy

(v) Surrounding

(a) accommodation  (b) atmosphere  (c) housing  (d) lodging

2. Answer the following questions.                                                                                                            2×5=10

(a) What do you mean about ‘hygiene’?

(b) Why should we wash our clothes regularly?

(c) Why is hygiene very important for our daily life?

(d) Why should we wear shocks and shoes?

(e) What should we do to keep our body fit?

3. Summarise the text in section A in your own words (around 85 words)                                             10

 Read the passage below and answer questions 4 and 5:

Bird-watching has been a favourite pastime for many nature-lovers. People’s interest in birds goes way back into the past when some birds were actually worshipped as messengers of the gods in ancient Egyptian as well as in other cultures. Bird-watching these days is done for the fun of finding out more about our feathered friends and contributing to our knowledge about them. In recent years, birds have become the barometers of ecological changes around us. Bird-watchers have made important contributions towards providing information about which birds have vanished from which areas or become extinct altogether, what factors are contributing towards their extinction, or what factors are having bad effects on their habitation. Bird-watching requires a lot of perseverance and might cover days, months or years, through summer or winter, heat or rain to observe the seasonal habits of birds. Real enthusiasts have even gone to remote islands to observe birds. Bird-watching is quite well-known in the western world now and many travel agencies can also provide information on regions which are good for bird-watching.

4. Complete the following table with the information given in the passage.                                                1×5=05


Who, what Description
Real enthusisasts
western world

5. Write True/False, If false give the correct information.                                                                                    1×5=05

(a) It is very easy to observe the habits of bird watching.

(b) Most of the birds are now under the threat of extinction.

(c) Most of the people of the world love to watch bird.

(d) Bird-watching is very popular in western world.

(e) Bird-watching needs a lot of perseverance.


6. Fill in the box with appropriate word.                                                                                                                       1×5=05  

In recent years birds have become the barometers of ecological changes (a) ____ us. Bird-watchers have made important (b) ____ towards providing information about which birds have (c) ____ from which areas or become extinct altogether, what factors are contributing (d) ____ their extinction, or what factors are having bad (e) ____ on their habitation.

7. Rearrange the following sentences in correct order.                                                                                           10

a) Education is like light.

b)The illiterate persons fail to choose between right and wrong.

c. Every educated person has a role to play in the campaign for removal of illiteracy.

d. Illiteracy is curse for the society.

e. The majority of our people are still illiterate.

f. Books preserve the sayings and thoughts of great men.

g. It is still dominent in our country.

h. There is much talk about removalof illiteracy.

i. There have no access to them.

j. The illiteracy persons are backward without education.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


8. Fill in the gaps using clues from the boxs. There are more words than necessary.                        0.5×10=05

 Once upon a time, there was a King who was very fond of (a)—his future from the astrologers. A famous astrologer (b)—to stop at his capital on his way to Benaras. The King called on him to know about his future and the astrologer told him something (c)—. At this the King got (d)—and condemned him to (e)—saying, ‘Men like you should not live to (f)—the peace of the world.’ But another thought had crossed his mind before the astrologer was removed for (g)—. ‘How long will you live?’ asked the King. With ready (h)—the astrologer said, ‘The stars (i)—that I shall die only a week before your majesty. So, good bye.’ Hearing this, the King turned pale like a dead man and should. ‘Drive this (j)—away, let him not come here again.’  

9. The phrases in column A are the beginnings of some sentences. The phrases in column B are endings. Now match the phrases in column A with the phrases in column B to make complete sentences.             1×5=05


            Column A          Column B
(i) Every Bedey family has (a) from a fleet.
(ii) A few family with their boats (b) a sarder.
(iii) The boats of the group (c) the trade routes.
(iv) Each fleet has (d) its own boat.
(v) The sarder determines (e) from a group.

10. Write a Dialogue between you and your teacher about “How to Learn English”                                          10

11. Write a paragraph about ‘The River Gypsies of Bangladesh’ by answering the following questions.     10


(a) Who are River Gypsies?

(b) Where do they live?

(c) Why are they special to us?

(d) What do you know about their culture?

(e) Give much information about their life style.

 12. Read the beginning of the story and complete it correctly.                                                                               10

Robert Bruce was the king of England. His army was defeated again and again against King Edward I of England. ………

 13. Write a letter to your friend about the preparation of your JSC Examination.                                              10 


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