Final English Suggestion for PEC 2015

English Suggestion for PEC 2015

Seen Comprehension

  1. Raju is a Firefighter
  2. The name of my Hometown
  3. A Birthday is a Memorable Day
  4. There is a Well-known Saying
  5. Saikat Lives with his Family


Unseen Comprehension:

  1. The name of our country
  2. Today is Friday
  3. It was a hot summer day
  4. Flower is the symbol of beauty
  5. Bayazid was a small boy

Short Questions Based on Instructions (Question No: 10)

  1. Rules of Health
  2. Library Card
  3. Speaking the Truth
  4. Learning English
  5. Gardening

Form Filling

  1. English Language Club
  2. Library Card
  3. Member of a Health Club
  4. Admission Club
  5. Member of an Art Club