Final English 1st Paper Suggestion for JSC 2017

                      Seen Comprehension:

a) Samima’s Misery ————– famous designer.

b) The word ‘hygiene’ means ————– healthy and happy life

c) At the farthest ————– around the nature.

d) Thousand of years ————– for good luck.

e) River gypsies ————– in some areas.

                                      Unseen Comprehension:

a) Ferdousi, the great ————– departed poet.

b) Every nation ————– all modern facilities.

c) The greatest dramatist (Shakespeare) ————– all equally.

d) Captain Mohiuddin ————– of Birshreshtha.

e) Jibanananda Das ————– Rupasi Bangla etc.


a) Importance of Learning English

b) Importance of Reading Newspaper

c) Benefits of Early Rising

d) Necessity of Physical Exercise

e) How to Eradicate Illiteracy in Bangladesh




a) Traffic Jam

b) A School Magazine

c) A School Library

d) Load Shedding

e) A Street Accident

                   Completing Story:

a) A Friend in Need is a Friend indeed

b) Unity is Strength

c) Devotion to Mother

d) Where there is a will there is a way

e) Grasp All, Lose All

                 Informal Letter:

a) A letter to your friend thanking him for his hospitality

b) A letter to your brother to take part in games and sports/ physical exercise.

c) A letter to your friend congratulating him for his brilliant result.

d) A letter to your younger brother about the importance of reading newspaper.

e) A letter to your friend describing a picnic.


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