Jsc English 1st Paper Suggestion 2016

Final English 1st Paper Suggestion for JSC 2016


Seen Comprehension:

  1. a) The word ‘hygiene’ means ——– healthy and happy life
  2. b) Nakshi kantha is a kind —- embroidered by them.
  3. c) Bangladeshi cuisine is —— Bangladeshi people.
  4. d) Health is the condition —– healthy and happy life.

Unseen Comprehension:

  1. a) John Donne
  2. b) Rabindronath Tagore
  3. c) Mother Teresa
  4. d) George Washington


  1. a) Necessity of Reading Newspaper
  2. b) Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone
  3. c) Preparation of the JSC Examination
  4. d) Importance of Learning English


  1. a) Our School Library
  2. b) Traffic Jam
  3. c) Load Shedding
  4. d) Your School Magazine

Completing Story:

  1. a) The Hare and Tortoise
  2. b) Unity is Strength
  3. c) Biazid’s love for his mother
  4. d) An honest wood cutter


  1. a) Congratulation for Brilliant Success
  2. b) To be sincere and attentive in studies
  3. c) Importance of learning English
  4. d) Thanking for hospitality

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