Fill in the Blanks Without Clues

Gap Filling Activities (Without Clues)                                                                                        0.5´10=5


The progress of (a) — nation is not (b) — easy matter. It depends (c) — the selfless and noble deeds (d) — some worthy sons of the country. They work (e) — rest and often do not (f) —praise. Most of the people are busy (g) — their own name and fame. But these (h) — people live and die (i) — make (j) — life of other people.

Answer: (a) a (b) an (c) on (d) of (e) without (f) expect  (g) with (h) great (i) to  (j) the


Our environment (a) — of air, water, soil, all living beings and objects etc. The world (b) —us is getting more and more polluted day by day. (c) — cities are filled (d) — dust and smoke from motor vehicles, mills and factories. The rivers and canals are polluted (e) — industrial waste, chemicals and other poisons. The villages are also mostly affected (f) — the same way. Many kinds of animals, birds and plants are (g) — the verge of (h) —. Any change in climate affects our environment seriously. No development can be possible (i) — preventing environment the pollution. We have also another kind of pollution called sound pollution.

Answer: (a) consists (b) of (c) The (d) with (e) by (f) in (g) on (h) ruin (i) without (j) from


Bangladesh is (a) — darling child of nature. Nature has (b) — her (c) — unique beauty. ‘Really, no other country (d) — the world is so (e) — with natural beauties as Bangladesh is. She is noted (f) — her natural beauty, golden crops of paddy and green leaves of trees. The six seasons of (g) — year coming (h) — turns make Bangladesh a land (i) — beauty, variety and plenty. Her rivers present her a natural beauty particularly in the rainy season. The boats plying (j) — the rivers under multi coloured sails also present a beautiful sight.

Answer: (a) a (b) bestowed (c) with (d) in (e) endowed (f) for (g) the (h) by (i) of (j) on


English is (a) — international language. As a result the (b) — of English has increased. Different countries have to keep (e) — communication among them. (d) — importance (e) —earning English is very great. Because it helps us (f) — develop a good relationship with other nations. In this modern era of communication it is not possible to advance (g) — it. English is (h) — language of the whole world. Almost all books (i) — science and technology have been written and translated (j) — English.

Answer: (a)an (b)necessity (c)mutual (d)The (e)of (f)to (g)without (h)the (i)in (j)into


Mobile phone is (a) — important medium of communication and correspondence. It makes communication (b) — the people (c) — the shortest possible time. The use (d) — mobile phone is more (e) — than telephone call. The man who sends message will have (f) — pay the bill but (g) — receiver can respond the message (h) — any cost. Specially, businessman and the servicemen are much benefited through the use of mobile phone. It is also very useful (i) — the doctors and high officials. Sometimes the criminals use this phone to keep their connection. In spite of this, there is no (j) — of mobile phone to make the modern life enjoyable.

Answer: (a) an(b)with (c) in(d)of (e)convenient (f) to(g)the (h)without (i)for (j)alternative



Landing (a) — the moon is (b) — important event (c) — the history (d) — space technology. Before landing on the moon, most of the people thought nobody could go to the moon. But the three astronauts went (e) — the moon through a (f) —. Neil Armstrong was (g) — first who landed (h) — the surface of the moon and proved that nothing is impossible (i) — man. They have become world great figure because of their great (j) — It proves that man can do anything if lie is determined.

Answer: (a)on (b)an (c)in (d)of (e)to (f)spaceship (g)the (h)onto (i)to (j)adventure


There are three important duties (a) — earth. They are duty to God, duty to parents and duty to mankind. All these three duties are important. They (b) — us (c) — go a long-way. Duty to God helps us to be favoured (d) — God. If we are favoured by God, we succeed (e) —life. Duty to parents is also important because, if our parents are pleased (f) — us, God will help us to make our life smooth. Duty to mankind is not negligible. We can be (g) — apple of God’s eyes (h) — performing this last duty. All the great men (i) — the world tried to (j) — all these duties. So we should follow them to be great.

Answer: (a)on (b)help (c)to (d)by (e)in (f)with (g)the (h)by (i)of (j)perform


Vitamins and mineral salts (a) — our body fit (b) — works. They also keep away diseases. (c) — eating leafy and certain other vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, meat and liver and (d) —drinking milk we can get vitamins. Such foods also contain mineral salts. Water is present (e) — almost every food. Of course we also (f) — water. Water (g) — us (h) —digest our food. It also controls (i) — heat of (j) — body and keep our blood healthy.

Answer: (a)keep (b)for (c)By (d)by (e)in (f)drink (g)helps (h)to (i)the (j)the


Teaching as (a) — carrier is becoming more and more important nowadays. Because a teacher gets (b) — opportunity to take care of-family and career (c) — the same time. But (d) — further development in the future one has to study a lot along (e) — doing regular courses from time to time. Again, men and women both get (f) — opportunity for professional development (g) — university teaching. But the (h) — of a woman in a profession depends (i) — the family support. But now (j) — women have more confidence in themselves to carry on any profession.

Answer: (a)a (b)the (c) at(d)for (e)with (f)equal (g)in (h)success (i)on (j)the

Road accidents nowadays have taken (a) — very dangerous turn. Everyday we see in the morning (b) —the page of newspaper (c) — the fearful news (d) — accidents. Many valuable lives (e) — death. The causes responsible (f) — it are many. Drivers, vehicles, roads and (g) — most important thing is the (h) — of drive. The concerned authority should consider (i) —matter (j) — great importance.

Answer: (a)a (b)in (c)about (d)of (e)face (f)for (g)the (h)recklessness (i)the (j)with

Unemployment problem is very (a) — in Bangladesh. Thousands of people of our country are without any job. (b) — present the toughest task for (c) — educated person is to find out (d) — suitable job. But this scene has (e) — to some extent because today’s educated youth have become cautions of their career. Social superstitions cannot stand in their way. They don’t hesitate (f) — do any kind (g) — work. For example, many youth after (h) — their education of masters work (i)     —Chinese restaurants, air conditioned buses etc. Recently electronic media have gone (j)— long way to solve unemployment problem. They have opened new scopes of job opportunities.

Answer: (a)acute (b)At (c)an (d)a (e) changed(f)to (g)of (h)completing (i)in (j)a

Every citizen should know (a)— his rights and privileges. (b) — citizen has his rights and privileges. For example he has (c) — right to security (d) — life. His property should also be secured. He can claim the protection of law when necessary, The state is bound (e) — give him such protection. He has right to (f) — as he pleases. The state should not interfere (g) —freedom of speech. But he must not say anything that goes against (h) — prevailing laws of his land. He has a natural right (i) — get a good job. He can also take part in the (j) — of the affairs of his country.

Answer: (a)about (b)A (c)a (d)of (e)to (f)live (g)with (h)the (i)to (j)running

The natural calamities happening (a) — in the world prove that there has been (b) — change of global climate. Hurricane, Katrina, Rita, Tsunami, earthquakes, typhoons anti cyclones are all (c) — evidence of this change. Experts have warned that we are heading (d) — a great disaster because (e) — making degradation. We are doing (f) — great threat (g) — our environment (h) — performing unwise activities. (i) — is the most spectacular reason that causes this degradation. And it is we who are responsible (j) — this. We must not pollute our environment if we want to keep the earth safe.

Answer: (a)frequently (b)a (c)the (d)in (e)of (f)a (g)to (h)by (i)ignorance (j)for

The most common causes of (a) — are cutting and burning (b) — forest land. Though the forest lands are cut and burnt (c) — the sake of agriculture and habitat, it has (d) — negative effect (e) — environment. The removal (f) — trees means the birds and other animals living on them (g) — leave the place. It also causes serious damage to (h) — soil, as trees give protection to soil as well. In the end, the soil gets sediment (i) — the river bed and causes frequent (j) —.

Answer: (a)deforestation (b)the (c)for (d)a (e)on (f)of (g) to(h)the (i)in (j)floods

Examination is very important (a) — students life. It justifies (b) — student’s ability. No student can be (c) — to next class without examination. So every student works hard (a) —pass the examination. There are many ways (e) — do well in the examination. Subject knowledge is not all things to approach (f) — examination. One may gather much knowledge (g) — his subject. But if he cannot (h) — his performance (i) — the examination, his such kind (j) — knowledge is important.

Answer: (a)in (b)a (c)promoted (d)to (e)to (f)the (g)about (h)show (i)in (j)of

Habit of idleness is (a) — obstacles to one’s success (b) — life. If this habit is formed in one’s character, it is not easy (c) — shake off suddenly. (d) — man who while away the precious seed time (e) — life, can not cut a good harvest in life’s autumn. Lost wealth may be (f) — by hard labour, lost health may be recovered (g) — proper treatment, but lost time can never be regained. (h) — idle man comes up (i) — a long list of (j) — for neglecting his time. These types of men cheat none but themselves.

Answer: (a)an (b)in (c)to (d)A (e)of (f)regained (g)by (h)An (i)with (j)excuses

Modern life depends much (a) — transport. We are very well understand how important transport is when it is disrupted (b) — natural calamities or during socio-political crisis. In fact modern technology has made it possible (c) — us to move to places previously unreachable (d) — reach. It helped (e) — trade and commerce to (f) — and gain knowledge and ideas. It has made the (g) — places closer and the unknown people friends. Thus it enhances (h) — citizenship among the people. the grace of it nowhere is still living (i) — this earth.

Answer: (a)on (b)by (c)for (d)to (e) the (f) achieve (g)distant (h)the (i)By (j)on

Smoking is (a) — very bad habit which is now openly done (b) — the young and (c) — old alike. Most of them are not conscious of the bad sides (d) — smoking. It causes many fatal diseases like lung cancer, bronchitis, tuberculosis etc. Smoking pushes (e) — smoker to death day by day. Nervous system is also damaged by (f) — cigarette. Both smokers and non-smokers are affected seriously. Smoke pollutes (g) — environment and the money which is spent (h) — smoking is unnecessarily wasted. So we must keep ourselves away from smoking and (i) — others (j) — smoking.

Answer: (a)a (b)by (c)the (d)of (e)a (f)taking (g)the (h)for (i)prevent (j)from

Child labour has been (a) — internationally (b) — the UN. (c) — make a child do the work for fully is suitable (d) — a man is punishable. Yet in the third world countries the number of child labour is going up day by day. Bangladesh is one (e) — these countries. Though the government is committed to (f) — rich people to engage children (g) — labourious works, things are not so easy. Poverty is (h) — first obstacle in this field. The poor parents want to get additional earning by employing their children in works. Reza is a child of such kind of family. He came to Dhaka in search of (i) — living. Now he is working in (j) — garments factory.

Answer: (a)banned (b)by (c)To (d)for (e)of (f)dissuade (g)in (h)the (i)a (j)a


Nowadays terrorism has (a) — out very rapidly throughout the world. The peace of the world is at stake before terrorism. It generally occurs (b) — undemocratic society. The present phase (c) — international terrorism has been the outcome of prolonged exploitation and injustices (d) — many countries. Some of the terrorist outfits also make use of religion as (e) — ideology to justify violence. Military could only prevent terrorism (f) — sometime but could not wipe out (g) — basic problems (h) — solving the-problems of government and people. Terrorism is not an ideology or (i) — political concern, it is a method or instrumentality. The world has ideologies or goals. The world leaders should do all to (j) — terrorism and make this world a happier and peaceful place for mankind.

Answer: (a)spread (b)in (c)of (d)to (e)an (f)for (g)the (h)by (i)a (j)eliminate