Fill in the Blanks with Clues

Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.                         0.5´10=10


trouble produce contribute grow increase
pour be become Crowd increase

Urbanization and a rising growth rate in population both (a) — to the pollution problem. Then many people are (b) — together, they (c) — much waste. The amount of sewage, garbage and smoke (d) — as the city (e) —. Eventually the air, the water and the soil (f) — poisonous. The ecological balance may be upset. The poisoning is increased by factories that (g) — out smoke and chemical waste. It is (h) — by smoke from power plants and by the fumes of hundreds of thousands of automobiles. Most big cities are (i) — by several kinds of pollution problems. The most serious of these (j) — the problems of air and water pollution.


Answer: a)contribute b)crowded c)produce d)increases e)grows f) become g)pour h)increased i)troubled j)are


Devote has dedicate Suffer work
Come take set Be do

Mother Teresa, a great humanist and philanthropist (a) — born on August 2, 1920 in Albania of Yugoslavia. Her real name was Agnes Teresa. She (b) — her schooling at a Government school in Albania. In 1928, Agnes (c) — to Kolkata to (d) — some missionary (e) — and later (f) — Indian citizenship. Then she (g) — and (h) — herself to the service of (i) —and distressed humanity. She (j) — up the Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and Nirmal Hridays in 1954 in Kolkata and was known as Mother.


Answer: a)was b)had c)came d)do e)work f)took g)devoted h)dedicated i)suffering j)set



Be remove be Know Try
Destroy bring solve Shine Open

Idleness (a) — destruction for anyone. There (b) — a proverb regarding idleness that idleness is the conspiracy of the devil. It is similar to destructive power in the-sense that power being liked (c) — everything. Those who are idle can never (d) — in life because idleness closes their gate of prosperity. The gate of prosperity can be (e) — when one works hard. An idle brain is (f)__ as a devil’s workshop because many bad harmful things or thoughts occur in an idle brain. We should always (g) — our best to (h) — idle thinking. If we (i) — active in doing our works properly, we can go a long way in (j) —the problem of our poor condition.

Answer: a)brings b)is c)destroy d)shine e)opened f)known g)try h)remove i)are j)solving



leave waste proclaim Be Help
reduce come be inhabit Upset

The earth, the only beautiful planet (a) — by people is now a mess. Our ignorance and greed have (b) — the balance of nature. The forests (c) — fewer trees. Numerous animals (d) — on the way to the extinction. There (e) — a dire scarcity of clean air in each and every city. Chemical (f)___ of industries are poisoning our streams and rivers. Bangladesh Pollution Control Board, along with other agencies are stringing every nerve to control and (g) — air, water and sound pollution. ‘Thousands of people have (h) — forward to (i) — us. Law to control environmental pollution (j) —. But this is not just enough for survival.


Answer: a)inhabited b)upset c)leave d)are e)is f)wastes g)reduce h)come i)help j)has been proclaimed


Operate Mean Have play connected
Help Be connect need Do

E-mail (a) — a very important role in this modern world of business. This (b) — a scientific way of sending message, data and pieces of information to others very easily within a few seconds by (c) — of computers (d) — together in a network. In other words, e-mail which is an electronic mail can be (e) — between two persons or two offices or two organizations at home and abroad. To(f)__ an e-mail system we (g) — to (h) — of two sets of computer one to be used by the sender and the other by the receiver. E-mail functions instantly with the (i) — of computer which is (j) — in a network.

Answer: a)plays b)is c)means d)connected e)done f)operate g)have h)need i)help j)connected



Acquire Provide Like win Learn
Explain Feel Mean earn Appeal

We (a) — in an age of democracy. It (b) —that every question should be decided in the assembly after thorough discussion. So our future politicians must (c) — how to (d) — a point of view with logical reasons and how to (e) — over other members by an (f) — to their personal (g) —. Putting forward arguments which can be learnt only in the debating society of educational institution is an art. It is (h) — by regular practice and participation. The object of debating society is to (i) — them with the necessary skill that students should (j)—.


Answer: a)live b)means c)learn d)explain e)win f)appeal g)feelings h)acquired i)provide j)earn



Treated born Punish prevail Originate
Find deprive Make treat Go

Corruption begets corruption. It may (a) — from vicious politics, weak administration and many other matters. Bangladesh is (b) — as one of the most corrupted countries in the world. The malaise is too deep and wide to be eradicated. Due to corruption, we (c) — injustice (d) — all over the country. The ultimate sufferings for corruption (e) — to the common people who are (f)___ to be (g) — of their legal rights. The law machine is too weak to (h) — such criminals. The eradication of corruption is a crying-need for our greater interest. To (i) — country free from this curse, people in power should be accountable. None should be (j) — above the law.


Answer: a)originate b)treated c)find d)prevailing e)go f)born g)deprived h)punish i)make j)treated



Change go Be solve Find
Stand make Become hesitate Educate

Unemployment problem (a) — very acute in Bangladesh. Thousands of people of our country are without any job. At present the toughest task for an (b) — person is to (c) — out a suitable job. But this scene has (d) — to some extent because today’s educated youth have (e)__cautious of their career. Social superstitions cannot (f) — in their way. They don’t (g) — to do any kind of work. For example many youth, after completing their education of masters work in Chinese restaurants, air conditioned buses, etc. Recently electronic media have (h) — a long way to (i) — unemployment problem. They have (j) — new scopes of job opportunities.


Answer: a)is b)educated c)find d)changed e)become f)stand g)hesitate h)gone i)solve j)made



call reign preach prevail Encourage
Shine follow feel speak Lose

Truth always (a) —in the world, falsehood may be (b) — for the time being. It will be (c) —sooner or later. Those who are engaged in speaking the truth are honoured and loved by all. On the contrary those who (d) — interest in telling lies can never (e) — in life. Islam always (f) — its followers to (g) — the truth. Our Prophet (Sm.) spent his whole life to (h) — the truth. So he was (i) —’Al-Amin’. We should (j) — his path.


Answer: a) reigns b)prevailed c)lost d)feel e)shine f)encourage g)speak h)preach i)called j)follow



Stop spread has spread Spoil
occur solve do make Justify

Nowadays  terrorism has (a) — out very rapidly throughout the world. The peace of the world is (b) —for terrorism. It generally (c) — in undemocratic society. The present phase of international terrorism, (d) — been the outcome of prolonged oppressions and injustices to many countries. Some of the terrorist outfits also (e) — use of religion as an ideology to (f) — violence. Military power could only (g) — terrorism for some time but could not root out the basic problems by (h) —the problems of government and people. Terrorism is not an ideology or a political issue. It is a method instrumentality. The world (i) — ideologies or goals. The world leaders should (j) —all to stop terrorism and make this world a happy and peaceful place for mankind.


Answer: a)spread b)spoilt c)occurs d)has e)make f)justify g)stop h)solving i)spreads j)




see introduce preserve flourish follow
make survive must has appeal

Pottery making is an ancient tradition in our rural Bangladesh. It (a) — survived the onslaught of urbanization and modernization. The Pal Caste of the Hindu faith has painstakingly (b) — to craft of pottery making for generations. There has also been a joviality in the design for pottery which is being (c) — as both trendy and environmentally sound, two most attractive features in the global market. But for this trade to (d) — commercially, innovation is demanded and productions, have to be (e) —. A handful of such innovators have (f) — pottery to (g) — to contemporary tastes and others (h) — soon (i) — this fashion to (j) —.


Answer: a)has b)preserved c)seen d)flourish e)made f)introduced g)appeal h)must i)follow j)survive



Give are Know lie develop
Believe call Recurrence measure minimize

Bangladesh (a) — in the active earthquake zone. It is (b) — to all Bangladeshi. Experts (c) —alarmed by the (d) — of quakes during recent years. But they (e) — no straight answer to the question of safety about the buildings of Dhaka City. As there is every possibility of earthquakes in Bangladesh experts (f) — for taking adequate precautionary (g) — to (h) —loses. RAJUK (i) — that an earthquake resistant building code should be (j) —.


Answer: a)lies b)known c)are d)recurrence e)give f)call g)measures h)minimize i)believes j)developed



Continue pollute keep make become
Be waste throw is make

Water (a) — an important element of our environment. It is important to man, animals and plants life. But water gets (b) — in various ways. Human (c) —, chemical wastes and fertilizer are (d) — into the rivers and (e) — the water polluted. Polluted water is harmful for health. We are still not aware about water pollution. As a result, water is (f) — more and more polluted. If this (g) —, soon all the water of our rivers will (h) — unsuitable for use. People should be (i) — aware about the danger of polluted water and how water can be (j) — clean and pure.


Answer: a)is b)polluted c)wastes d)thrown e)make f)being g)continues h)become i)made j)kept



Maintain kindle take carry Situate
Hold watch call keep Bound

The Olympic Games which (a) — place every four years cause great excitement all over the world. Even today a connection is (b) —with the first Olympic town which is (c) — in Greece. The games are (d) — in the stadiums where an Olympic flame is (e) —burning he opening ceremony the flame lit from a torch (f) — in the temple of Zeus in Olympia is (g) — by teams of relay runners. The last runner who enters the stadium ,circles the running tracks and (h) — up the steps so that he (i) — light the Olympic flame. The game is (j) — by millions of people on the place.


Answer: a)take b)maintained c)situated d)held e)kept f)kindled g)carried h)bounds i)call j)watched



Look increase Become have drink
Tell help Say be get

In Bangladesh thousands of people at present have (a) — victims of arsenic poisoning. The number is (b) — every day and the situation is (c) — grimmer. The people affected by arsenic of contamination are (d) — to (e) — arsenicosis. Arsenicosis occurs when people (f) — water from unsafe water sources. In order to (g) — those with arsenicosis, is to (h) — for sources of water that (i) — free from arsenic and (j) — people to drink water from there.


Answer: a)become b)increasing c)getting d)said e)have f)drink g)help h)look i)is j)tell



lose destroy Will feel Have
grasp create Be lead Call

Drugs (a) — a terrible effect on human body. Drug addicted persons (b) — drowsy and (c) —appetite. The brain and internal, functions of human body are (d) — and the addict feels intensive pain in the body. Strong affection for taking anything which harms human body is (e) — drug addiction. Drug addiction (f) — a severe problem in our society. It has (g) — our young generation. It damages not only the brain but also the internal function of the body. The frequent taking of drug (h) — a man to death. All concerned must (i) — awareness in personal, family levels as well as the society, when everybody (j) — be conscious about this problem.


Answer: a)have b)feel c)lose d)destroyed e)called f)is g)grasped h)leads i)create j)will



Make live see embellish Teach
Produce look have talk preserve

We (a) — in the age of science, an age that has been (b) — and enriched with the blessing of science for hundreds of years. So there is not a single day in our life which is not indebted to science for its comforts. Modem cities and towns are built according to scientific plans. The high-rise buildings, charming parks, electricity, mills and factories all are (c) — by science. Science has (d) — us how to (e) — electricity from water, stone the pictures of moving phenomena into a tape, (f) — sounds recorded, (g) — with persons of distant places through no wires and so on. Thus, if we (h) — a liberal (i) — on life, we will (j) — that it is full of contributions of science.


Answer: a)live b)embellished c)made d)taught e)produce f)preserve g)talk h)have i)look j)see



Produce Contribute Use exchange invite
float Convert Improve Has say

Natural gas is one of the greatest resources of our country. It has (a) — many countries and foreign investment. It is (b) — that Bangladesh is (c) — on natural gas. This natural gas is a resource of our nation. Natural gas can (d) — a lot to (e) — the air quality of our cities if we can (f) — it in (g) — of other fuels. After all natural gas does not (h) — any particular matter, sulphur oxides or nitrogen oxides. So the government (i) — decided to (j) — gasoline powered engines to CNG powered vehicles.


Answer: a)invited b)said c)floating d)contribute e)improve f)use g)exchange h)produce i)has j)convert



Deal check are Need construct
Permit control Increase Give die

Road accidents (a) — common occurrences in modern city life. Every year thousands of people (b) — and many more are injured in road accidents. So, steps to (c) — road accidents (d) — top priority. The (e) — volume of traffic should be (f) —. New ‘roads should be (g) — in cities and towns. Reckless driving should be (h) — with exemplary punishment. Defective vehicles should not be (i) — to ply in the streets. Driving license should be (j) — in consideration of specific skill of driving vehicles.



Answer: a)are b)die c)check d)need e)increased f)controlled g)constructed h)dealt i)permitted j)given



Rise Suffer Change Go give
Melt Will Grow Refer continue

Climate (a) — to the condition of temperature, wind, rainfall etc. of a region in a (b) —period of time. The climate of Bangladesh is (c) —. Due to greenhouse effect average temperature is (d) —. As a result the ice in the North and South poles is (e) —. If the process (1) –, the sea level will (g) — by one meter. And if it really happens, about one tenth of our country will (h) — under water. So one-tenth of our total population (i) — be homeless and jobless. This is why Bangladesh is going to (j) — from greenhouse effect.


Answer: a)refers b)given c)changing d)growing e)melting f)continues g)rise h)go i)will j)suffer