Fill in the blank using preposition for jsc exam 2017

1. Lutfur is _ street boy . He is _ orphan . He lives in the street of Chittagong _ city . one day he went to New Market. He saw a fruit seller selling different kinds of _ fruit . There he found _ old man buying some apples looked very fresh . (D.B’15)
2. Truthfullness is _ greatest of all _ virtues which man really great. If we don’t cultivate _ habit of speeking _ truth , we can’t command _ confidence of others . (Rj board 2016/C.B’15)
3. Our life is _ sum total of hours , days and years . But all days are not equally memorable to us . Most of days are forgotten with _ passage of time . Only _ few days remain fresh in our country . My first day at school is such _amazing day. (J.B’16)
4. Football is (a)_popular game in our country. It is equally exciting to (b)_ players and spectators. It is (C) _ foreign (d)_ game . It is popular all over the world . It is played in (f)_ open field. (D.B’16)
5. Bangladesh is (a)_ country of rivers . Some of the rivers are (b) _ famous . But some of (c)_ big rivers have dried up . The go dry specially in the summer season . Then we have to face (d)_ extreme situation . But during (e) _rainy season all rivers are full to (f)_ brim. (C.B’16)
6. One day a crow saw(a) _ piece of meat . It took (b)_ meat in its mouth . It sat (a)_ branch of a tree to eat the piece of (d)_ meat . _ fox was looking for food . He came under (e) _ tree. (CHITT . B’16)
7. Punctuality is (a)_ unique virtue . It leads (b) _ man to the path of success . (c)_ punctual man does all his works in (d) _ due time. He never puts off his works for tomorrow . So it is our duty to acquire (e) _ quality of punctuality in our life . Everyone respects the man who is punctual . (f) _ unpunctual man faces many problems in his life. (s.b’16)
8. Discipline is seen in (a)_ nature . Every morning (b)_ sun rises in the east , day follows (c)_ night , birds sing and flowers blossom. Everywhere in nature there is (d)_ harmony . If there were no discipline in (e)_ nature , there would have been (f)_ chaos everywhere . (B.B’16)

9. Once I went to (a)_ mango orchard . One of my friends was (b)_owner of the orchard . While walking I found (c)_ mango lying under (d) _tree. (e) mango was ripe. Seeing (f) _mango in my hand , my friend said , “It will taste sweet .” (R.B’15)
10. Mr. Hasan is an English (a)_teacher . He is (b) _M.A. in English . He serves in (c) _ famous institution . He tries to lead (d)_ honest life . He is (e) _most favourit teacher (f)_ to the students . (j.b’15)

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