Explanation: Yet she Will be False……. or three. from Song: Go, and Catch a Failing Star


Yet she
Will be
False, ere I come, to two, or three.

These are the last lines of the “Song: Go, and Catch a Failing Star” composed by John Donne. Here, he mentions his negative thinking towards the women who are both fair and faithful.

In the first stanza he has mentioned seven different things which are completely impossible to do and comes to the conclusion that it is also impossible to find out a fair and faithful woman.
He also says if someone, who was born with the power to see strange sights, rides ten thousand days and nights and travels all over the world till his hair turns gray, he will be unable to swear an oath that during his travels he ever found a fair and faithful woman. At last he says if anyone finds a woman who is both fair and true; the poet will go to her like a pilgrim and worshiper. At the first time when he meets her; she may be faithful but as soon she will not be trusted by the time if he writes a letter her; she will have been false.

In this poem the author shows subtly or deeply the faults of the fair women. He directly criticizes them.

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