Explanation, She stopped, she looked at her……. she could not explain.from The Garden Party

She stopped, she looked at her brother. ‘Isn’t life’, she stammered, ‘ isn’t life’. But what life was she could not explain.

The quoted lines have been extracted from Katherine Mansfield’s familiar short story ‘The Garden Party’. In this line the writer has explained us how Laura felt when she visited the dead man’s bereaved (mourning) family after the party was over.

Laura persisted (continued) to stop the party when she learnt about the death of the young man in the neighborhood. Her sister and mother chided (rebuked) her for this matter, calling her absurd (silly) and sentimental,
however when the party came to an end Mrs. Sheridan allowed her daughter to visit the poor man’s family with some left overs of the party. When she visited the dead man’s house she learnt that life is beautiful at all levels. When she was returning she met her brother and he asked her about her experience in the sordid (dirty, disgusting) area. She replied that life is simply marvelous. Though she could not properly explain because of her emotion, Larie understood what she wanted to mean.

The ending of the story alludes to Laura’s proper understanding about life. For the first time in her life she encountered death and learnt that death, an indivisible sequence of life, is not ugly rather beautiful.

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