Explanation: If our two loves……… slacken, none can die from Good Morrow


Explanation: If our two loves……… slacken, none can die from Good Morrow


If our two loves be one, or thou and I

Love so alike that none can slacken, none can die.

These lines have been taken from the last two lines of “The Good Morrow”, composed by John Donne. Here, the speaker logically mentions the conclusion that their love is eternal.

The lovers welcome their love without knowing it. Then they mention or express about their satisfaction. They realize that their small room gives them the pleasure of the whole world. So, they look for nothing else. Every year the sea discovers new islands or countries and the cartographers (map makers) may add new and newer places in their maps.

But their world is complete in itself. They do not need any other thing in their world. The author argues that when different elements are not mixed in proper combination the production does not last long; it dies. Similarly, if the passions of the lovers are not equally intense, the love between them does not last long. But the passions of the lovers of the poem are equally intense and so their love will never die. These lines explain that the lovers love each other very intensely and they will continue their love with each other in the future until death and even after death.

So, “The Good Morrow” presents the power of spiritual love.

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