Exercise on Voice Change

Exercise on Voice Change
1. Let him say whatever he likes.
Let him be said whatever he likes.
2. Do away with it.
Let it be done away with.
3. He let me sing.
I was let sing by him.
4. Such cruelty cannot be tolerated.
We cannot tolerate such cruelty.
5. I am to do it.
It is to be done by me.
6. Let me workout the sum.
Let the sum be worked out by me.
7. How will he do the work?
How will the work be done by him?
8. The pot can contain nothing.
Nothing can be contained in the pot.
9. I always speak well of him.
He is always spoken well of me.
10. He is not trusted.
People do not trust him.
11. He was not looked at.
We did not look at him.
12. Forgive us as we forgive our enemies.
Let’s be forgiven as our enemies are forgiven by us. Or, Be forgiven us as our enemies are forgiven by us.
13. Tell him to go.
Let him be told to go.
14. Indiscipline should not be encouraged.
We should not encourage indiscipline.
15. It is said that morning shows the day.
People say that morning shows the day.
16. He came by a purse of gold.
A purse of gold was come by him.
17. Circumstances obliged me to go.
I was obliged to go by Circumstances.
18. Nobody has seen her smile.
Her smile has not been seen by anybody.
19. The field is ploughed.
The farmers plough the field.
20. The liquid is heated to boiling point.
We heat the liquid to boil point.
21. She addressed me brightly.
I was addressed brightly by her.
22. There were some problems at first but they seem to have been solved.
There were some problems at first but they seem to have solved.
23. Write as you think.
You are requested to write as you think.
24. Death is preferable to dishonor.
Death is been preferable to dishonor.
25. The albatross made the wind to blow.
The wind was made to blow by the albatross.
26. But one day I shot the bird.
But one day the bird is shot by me.
27. A coin feels hard.
A coin is felt hard.
28. I don’t like people telling me what to do.
I don’t like people being told what to do.
29. I was given two hours to make my decision.
They gave me two hours to make my decision.
30. Have you been shown the new medicine?
Has anybody shown you the new medicine?
31. I remember someone giving me a toy on my birthday.
I remember being given me a toy on my birthday.
32. He hates people keeping him waiting.
You know He hates being kept waiting.
33. Without anyone seeing him he climbed over the wall.
He climbed over the wall without being seen.
34. There was a fight at the party but nobody got hurt.
Nobody was hurt.
35. Did Anna get offered the job?
Was Anna offered the job?
36. The dog got run over by a car.
The dog was run over by a car.
37. Nobody told me that George was ill.
I was not told that George was ill.
38. His colleagues gave him a present when he retired.
He was given a present by his colleagues when he retired.
39. I think they should have offered Tom the job.
I think Tom should have been offered the job.
40. I shall send you your exam results as soon as possible.
You will be sent your exam results as soon as possible.

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