Exercise on the right form of verbs

Complete the passages with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct

tenses and you can add any modal auxiliary if necessary. Use negatives where



give achieve should has kind try be

Man (a) —– the best of the creation. Allah (b) —– men some noble virtues. Kindness is one of them. Allah is kind to him who is (c) —– to others. Everyone (d) —– this noble virtue and be kind to others. Without kindness a man cannot (e) perfection.

Answer: a. is b. has given c. kind d. should achieve e. have


be has stand honor do work respect

Bangladesh (a) —- her own national flag. It (b) — for our sovereignty and it is the symbol of our national pride and prestige. It (c) —— the symbol of our national hope and ideas. All the Bangladeshis (d) —— the national flag. It is also honored by the people of all other countries of the world as we (e) — their national flag.

Answer: a. has b. stands c. is d. should respect e. honor


delight Learn speak Learn like enrich be

English (a) — an international language. There is no country in the world where English is not (b) —–. One has taken delight in this language, one cannot but (c) — it. It is with the purpose to (d) —- the Bangla language that one should learn English. So, everybody should (e) —- speaking English.

Answer: a. is b. spoken c. learn d. enrich e. like


need remain be live follow like obey

Man cannot (a) —– alone. He has to take the help of others. So man lives together. So he is called the social creature. One cannot do whatever he (b) —–. He has to (c) —– the laws of the country. If laws are not obeyed in society there (d) —– chaos and confusion. So we all should (e) —– the laws and system of the society.

Answer: a. live b. likes c. obey d. remain e. follow


be keep need protect achieve gain be

We (a) —– the inhabitants of independent Bangladesh. Freedom (b) — the inherent right of man. No nation can (c) —- it without labors. Again, it is more difficult to (d) — independence than to achieve it. It is the sacred duty of every citizen to (e) — the independence of motherland.

Answer: a. are b. is c. achieve d. keep e. protect


Follow Make waste Wait come Get succeed


Time is more valuable. This valuable time does not (a)….. for anybody. No power can stop it. It knows no pause in its course. It is not wise to (b)…..time. The man who makes the best use of time is sure to (e) —— in life. All the famous persons of the world have (d) ——- the best use of time. We should (e) —- them.

Answer: a. wait b. waste c. succeed d. made e. follow