Exercise on Prefix and Suffix

1. Fill in the gaps used in the following text by adding suffix, prefix or both with the root words underlined in the text

Good health means the (a) sound of body and mind. Health is the root of all (b) happy. One should take exercise (c) regular to keep a good health. He is also to observe the rules of (d) clean. An (e) healthy man cannot enjoy life. He suffers from (f) frustrate, confusion etc. On the other hand a (g) health man can enjoy his life (h) full. 

2. The (a) important of television is too many to describe. It is like a stage where (b) perform  are seen and heard. It gives us news on (c) nation and international matters.  Television has a great educative value. It teaches the (d) literate and students. It (e) large our knowledge. It has broken the wall between the educated and the (f) educated. Television has some (g) merits too. So television programs should be (h) careful produced.

3. My mother has come of a (a) respect Muslim family. She is very polite, (b) affection and intelligent. She manages the family (c) nice. She loves me (d) dear. She is ready to sacrifice her own (e) happy for us. She gives much importance on (f) truthful and honesty. She advises us not to follow any (g) honesty in the life and not to do anything (h) wisely.

4. A day (a) labour is the person who does physical labour in various fields. He is not (b) known to us. He is to be (c) health, Strong and stout. He works hard from dawn to dusk for his (d) employ. He cannot lead an (e) dependent life. He is to depend on his employer. He cannot lead a (f) peace life. He always leads a very (g) happy and (h) decent life.

5. A postman is the most (a) eager waited person. He renders valuable service to us. He performs his duties (b) regular and (c) sincere. He is so (d) care that he does not deliver any letter without the legal (e) own of the thing to be delivered. If he fails to discharge his duties (f) proper it may cause (g) repairable loss to the person concerned. But he is not given proper (h) treat.

6. Money is the means of leading (a) world life. (b) Short of money makes our life (c) deplore.  We cannot lead our life (d) proper in want of money. But there is (e) difficult in earning money. Our peace and prosperity are (f) depend on proper utilization of money. Spending money in an (g) proper way can lead us to the path of destruction. So, we should be (h) care in spending money.

7. Dowry system is the most (a) hate system in our society. (b) Usual  in our society female (c) child  are considered inferior to male children. They are thought to be (d) use to the society. So, during marriage ceremony a section of (e) greed people claim much wealth or money from the guardians of the brides. If the guardians fail to fulfill the demand of their bridegroom, they (f) behave with their wives and sometimes torture them (g) serious.  This problem must be removed (h) immediate.

8. Honey is (a) nature produced by honey bees through (b) collect of nectar from (c) differ flowers and then stores them in the hive. But nowadays there are (d) keep who rear bees in (e) wood hives and produce honey (f) commercial.  This is (g) full chemical and hazard free activity. With the support of the Govt. and (h) government organization approximately 300 be keepers have been trained for honey production.

9. Bangladesh is an (a) agriculture country. Our land is (b) main (c) suit for cultivation and our (d) cultivate is mainly (e) depend on rain. If there is timely rainfall, the farmer can grow enough food. But very often (f) timely rainfall hampers the production of crops. At present there is shortage of food in our country. (g) Normal increase in population (h) grow is one of reasons of this shortage of food.

10. A (a) honest  man is (b) liked by all. On the other hand, a man of (c) honest can not lead an (d) pure life. He leads a (e) peace life. He may be (f) solvent but he has (g) content. He does not run after (h) world things.