Exercise Of Preferred Question Of Narration For JSC=2

                 “Preferred Question Of Narration”      Part: 02

  Narration Of Imperative Sentences:

  1. The boy said to me, “Let them play cricket.”
  2.  He says to me, “Let’s have a picnic.”
  3.  Samia said to her mother, “Let me drink a glass of water.”
  4. Shakira said to me, “Dance with me.”
  5. He said, “Do the sums now and show me immediately.”
  6. They said, “Let her go to join the match.”
  7. He said to Liza, “Don’t show your naughty face.”
  8.  I said, “Shot the bird silently.”   
  9.  We said, “Dug the soil for searching this gold.”
  10.  The teacher said to Raju, “Don’t tell a lie for next time to me.”
  11.   B. Gates said “Leave the flaw of any work.”
  12.  I said to the girls, “Let me tell some words with you and about your family.”
  13.  She said to his teacher, “Complete the lesson.”
  14.  Harmion Granger said to Harry Potter, “Let you go to search the Vool-demort.”  
  15.  We said, “Keep your mind in relax mood.”

¨     Narration Of Exclamatory Sentences:

  1. She said, “How sweetly the bird sings!”
  2. They said, “What a exciting game you play!”
  3. Liza said, “What a miserable life the poor ofBangladeshlead!”  
  4. I said, “What a clever girl you are!”
  5. Raima said, “Alas! She has lost her mother.” 
  6. Ruma said, “Hurrah! We beat our against party”
  7. They said, “How a nice song we sing!”
  8. Sara Jefferson said to Dona, “How a sweet baby you have!”
  9. Rashid said, “Yeah! We can hunt the birds.”
    1. Harmion Granger said, “What a magic you show! Harry Potter.”


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