Exercise Of Preferred Question Of Narration For JSC=1


              “Preferred Question Of Narration”      Part: 01

¨     Narration Of Assertive Sentences:

1.   The boy said to me, “You have passed the exam.”

2.   He says to me, “I am your teacher.”

3.   Samia said to her mother, “I want to you the best now.”

4.     Shakira said to me, “I went to you home when you are not here.”

5.   He said, “Honesty is the best policy.”

6.   They said, “We bought the books together yesterday.”

7.   He said to Liza, “We may go to your house.”

8.   I said, “He will pass the examination in the next time.”

9.   We said, “Salma, you went to your house yesterday.”

10.  The teacher said to Raju, “Misfortunes come not along.”

11.   B. Gates said, “Born poor is not your mistake.”

12.  I said to the girls, “You are right to command your followers.”

13.  He said to me, “I like Messi as a best player and you.”

14.   They said to me, “We shall help you for your lacking.”

15.  She said to his teacher, “I didn’t attend your class yesterday because of my illness.”

16.  Harmion Granger said to Harry Potter, “I didn’t understand your cruelty when you show your magic.”

17.  We said, “Man is mortal, so we must die in a time and Allah create our existents.”

18.   We said, “Islam is the perfect code of life and Mohammed (Sm.) is his messenger.”

19.  She said, “Mohammed (Sm.) was born in Macca in 570 AD in a prominent mob.”

20.   He said his mother, “I want a big ship in my 17th birthday from you or my father.”

                       Narration Of Interrogative Sentences:


  1. She said to me, “What’s your mother name and where have you come from?”
  2. They said toSiam, “Can you tell me what’s your name?”
  3. Liza said to me, “Will you visit my home tomorrow?”
  4. They said to my mother, “Where did I go in 3.45 pm yesterday?”
  5. We said the boy, “Have you eaten rice for lunch?”
  6. Raima said, “Can you conquer my heart?”
  7. I said to the pretty girl, “Which book have you lost that you are searching?”
  8. Ruma said to his mother, “Why will you take my pen?”
  9. They said, “How much wealth do you need?”
  10. Sara Jefferson said to Dona, “Will you take me with your sympathy?”
  11.  The teacher said to us, “Will you summit this assignment four days later?”
  12.  Kamal said, “Can you lend me your books for three days?”
  13. Rashid said to us, “Am I unable to solve your glitch?”
  14.  The teacher said to the students, “Do I bit you for your indulgence?”
  15.  Harmion Granger said to Ron Weaslley, “Can you bring to mind you magic verse?”
  16. Anika said to them, “Why did their garden destroy?”
  17. She said to us, “Shall I not inform my feelings to you?” 
  18. Fayed said to me, “Must I need to pass the exam?”
  19. The man said to me, “Are you passing the river by swimming?”
  20. The astrologer said to the king, “How much long do you live?”



  1. Please try to give the answers after publishing your questions so that students gain much opportunity to justify themselves and be benefited from your blog. Thanks a lot for staying with us.

    • hridoy on March 27, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    I want evrything for cls 5 to 10 eng 1sy and 2nd paper

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