Exclusive Voice Change

Voice Change

  1. Never say good bye. Let goodbye be said never.
  2. During these voyages, very often Columbus gazed at the vast sheet of unlimited water. The vast sheet of unlimited water was gazed at by Columbus very often during these voyages.
  3. She called in a doctor. A doctor was called in by her.
  4. So, we should know the use of internet in our daily life. So, the use of internet should be known to us in our daily life.
  5. People can train themselves in different purposes. People can be trained by themselves in different purposes.
  6. We all shall be pleased with that condition of our dearest motherland. That condition of our dearest motherland will please us all.
  7. The scenery of the setting sun surprised me. I was surprised at the scenery of the setting sun.
  8. One day, a boy named Joshep was bitten by a mad dog. One day, a mad dog bit a boy named Joshep.
  9. Education brought about changes in his life. Changes were brought about in his life by education.
  10. The house was blown down. The storm blew the house down.
  11. The shed was burnt to ashes. Fire burnt the shed to ashes.
  12. The man was seen walking. I saw the man walking.
  13. It is said that they know this. Everybody knows that this is known to them.
  14. What cannot be cured must be endured. We must endure what we cannot cure.
  15. The battle was fought at the place. They fought the battle at the place.
  16. I know that the lion is called the king of all beasts.

It is known to me that people call the lion as the king of all beasts.

  1. They proposed to hold a meeting. They proposed that a meeting should be held. / It was proposed by them to hold a meeting.
  2. Nothing can be gained without labor. We can gain nothing without labor.
  3. Why did they refuse him admittance? Why was he refused admittance?
  4. You could not understand what I told him. What was told to him (by me) could not be understood by you.
  5. They knew that their king would never rest till he understood the matter.

It was known to them that their king would never rest till the matter was understood by him.

  1. He knew that his own life was unjust.

It was known to him that his own life was unjust.

  1. His father looked at him red-eyed.

He was looked at by his father with red-eyed.

  1. I was admitted as a flatterer to a great man.

A great man admitted me as a flatterer.

  1. His lordship soon found me to be very unfit for service.

I was soon found by his hardship to be very unfit for service.

  1. Nobody has seen her smile.

Her smile has been seen by nobody/ She has not been seen by anybody to smile.

  1. I felt no sensation different from those I experienced abroad.

No sensation was felt by me different from those that were experienced by me experienced.

  1. This even good manners might have obliged me to perform.

I might have been obliged to perform this even by good manners.

  1. Some of them fancied that he would make beautiful furniture.

It was fancied by some of them that beautiful furniture would be made by him.

  1. As no other expert could be found, Mr. Bin was appointed to that office.

As he could find no other expert, he appointed Mr. Bin to that office.

  1. He read for two hour.

Two hours were spent to read by him.