Exclusive Transformation of Sentence

Transformation of sentence

1. He is not as young as I expected. (Comparative)

Comparative: He is less young than I expected.

  1. He is as competent as any other applicant. (Comparative)

Comparative: He is not more/less competent than any other applicant.

  1. There is no mystery as great as misery. (Comparative)

Comparative: Misery is greater than any other mystery.

  1. No other treasure of his fate was as great as his sacrifice. (Comparative)

Comparative: He sacrificed/ his sacrifice was greater than any other treasure of his fate.

  1. Many other countries in the world are as poor as Bhutan. (Comparative)

Comparative: Bhutan is not poorer than many other countries in the world.

  1. Of all who give and receive gifts, these two were the wisest. (Positive)

Positive: Of all who give and receive gifts were not as wise as these two.

  1. He is not more intimate to you than to me. (Positive)

Positive: He is as intimate to me as you.

  1. As soon as he sees me, he becomes glad. (Negative)

Negative: As soon does he see me than he becomes glad.

  1. As soon as he saw me, he ran away. (Negative)

Negative: No sooner had he seen me than he ran away.

  1. I would die sooner than leave you. (Positive)

Positive: I would die as soon as leave you.

  1. Dhaka is farther from Noakhali from Narayangonj. (Positive)

Positive: Dhaka is not so far from Narayangonj as from Noakhali.

  1. The sooner you give up smoking, the better you will feel. (Positive)

Positive: As soon as you give up smoking, you will feel good.

  1. She prepares reading to writing. (Positive)

Positive: She does not like writing as much as reading.

  1. Of the three shirts, this one is not the prettiest. (Positive)

Positive: This shirt is not as pretty as any of the three.

  1. Shamima is not one of the cleverest girls in the class. (Comparative)

Comparative: Samima is not less clever than most other girls in the class.

  1. The horse is better trained than that. (Positive)

Positive: That horse is not as good trained as the horse.

  1. Everybody intends to get better. (Negative)

Negative: Who does not intend to get better?

  1. The effect of acid throwing is destructive. (Negative)

Negative: The effect of acid throwing is not productive.

  1. I tried all plans. (Negative)

Negative: I left no plans untried.

  1. I appointed all qualified persons. (Negative)

Negative: I left no qualified persons un appointed/ I did not appoint any unqualified persons.

  1. He lives in Dhaka. (Negative)

Negative: He lives nowhere but in Dhaka.

  1. This is a fact. (Negative)

Negative: This is not anything without a fact.

  1. The insect lives together. (Negative)

Negative: The insect does not live alone.

  1. Anger begets the worst. (Negative)

Negative: Anger begets nothing but the worst.

  1. The parks are always crowded. (Negative)

Negative: The parks are never found vacant.

  1. Rakib concealed (hidden) the matter. (Negative)

Negative: Rakib did not expose the matter.

  1. You have no common sense. (Assertive)

Assertive: You are devoid of common sense.

  1. It begets the worst. (Negative)

Negative: Nothing begets as bad as it.

  1. The boy is very agile. (Negative)

Negative: The boy is not sluggish at all.

  1. The poor suffer much. (Negative)

Negative: No one suffers as much as the poor.

  1. Integrity (honesty) is more than anything else. (Negative)

Negative: Nothing is as much as integrity.

  1. Every one of us is getting older. (Negative)

Negative: Every one of us is not getting younger.

  1. It was beyond my capacity. (Negative)

Negative: It was not within my capacity.

  1. He is introverts. (Negative)

Negative: He is not extroverts.

  1. If we get tired, we stop. (Negative)

Negative: If we get tired, we do not carry on.

  1. It is probable that he will come. (Negative)

Negative: It is not improbable/ sure that he will come.

  1. He wrote better that I. (Negative)

Negative: I did not write as good/well as he.

  1. She turned all the stones. (Negative)

Negative: She left no stone unturned.

  1. He comes here for the last time. (Negative)

Negative: He will never come here again.

  1. He failed to keep up his promise. (Negative)

Negative: He could not keep up his promise.

  1. A fisherman’s life is hard. (Negative)

Negative: A fisherman’s life is not easy going.

  1. It always pours when it rains. (Negative)

Negative: It never rains but pours.

  1. Where there is smoke there is fire. (Negative)

Negative: There is no smoke without fire.

  1. More attacks followed. (Negative)

Negative: This was not the last attack.

  1. All must submit to destiny. (Negative)

Negative: No one can escape from his destiny.

  1. We found a few people there. (Negative)

Negative: We did not find many people there.

  1. Old fools surpass all other fools. (Negative)

Negative: There is no fool like old fool.

  1. The matter is beyond my means. (Negative)

Negative: The matter is not within my means.

  1. We live in the house. (Negative)

Negative: We live nowhere but in the house.

  1. I shall always support you. (Negative)

Negative: I shall never oppose you.

  1. All must die. (Negative)

Negative: No one can escape from death.

  1. An aero plane flies faster than a bird. (Negative)

Negative: A bird cannot fly faster than an aero plane.

  1. We must respect our elders. (Negative)

Negative: We cannot but respect our elders.

  1. I had to vote for him. (Negative)

Negative: I could not but vote for him.

  1. He solved this problem wisely. (Negative)

Negative: He did not solve this problem unwisely.

  1. All Bangladeshis are polite. (Negative)

Negative: No Bangladeshi is impolite.

  1. Nobody is free from error. (Affirmative)

Affirmative: Everybody is liable to error.

  1. Every rose has a throne. (Negative)

Negative: There is no rose without throne.

  1. Everyman has blood. (Negative)

Negative: There is no man without blood.

  1. Life is nothing but a shadow. (Affirmative)

Affirmative: Life is only a shadow/ What is life but a shadow.

  1. There is no use of it. (Interrogative)

Interrogative: What is the use of it?

  1. I desire to have one core taka. (Exclamatory)

Exclamatory: If I had one core taka!

  1. The sun rises in the east. (Negative)

Negative: It is not that the sun rises in the west.

  1. I am very happy. (Negative)

Negative: I am not sad / unhappy at all.

  1. Mina is too tall. (Negative)

Negative: Mina is not short at all.

  1. Without learning English you cannot be smart. (Negative)

Negative: If you do not learn English you cannot be smart.

  1. Read attentively or you will fail. (Negative)

Negative: If you don’t read attentively you will fail.

  1. How fast time fly! (Assertive)

Assertive: Time flies very fast.

  1. Karim is the only son of his father. (Negative)

Negative: Karim’s father has no child except karim.