Exclusive Suggestion for PEC 2013

Final Suggestion for PEC Candidates 2013

                       Subject: English

Seen Comprehension Based on EFT:

  1. Saikat’s Family
  2. Leisure Time
  3. Food Pyramid
  4. A Firefighter
  5. My Home Town
  6. The Olympic Games
  7. The Hare and the Tortoise
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Life is Beautiful
  10. The Liberation War Museum
  11. It Was a Great Day
  12. We Shall Overcome

 Unseen Comprehension

  1. Our Country
  2. Lima’s Birthday
  3. The Magician and Aladin
  4. A Visit to the Book Fair
  5. An Honest Woodcutter
  6. A Farmer and His Magic Goose
  7. A Liar Cowboy
  8. Unity is Strength
  9. A City Mouse and a Country Mouse
  10. Mohakhali Flyover


  1. Your Evening Activities
  2. Your Family/ Saikat’s Family
  3. Leisure Time/ Your Leisure Time
  4. A Fire Fighter
  5. Your Home Town
  6. Your Visit to the Liberation War Museum
  7. The Olympic Games
  8.  Food Pyramid
  9. Common Birds of Bangladesh
  10. Your Country
  11. A Birthday Ceremony/ A Birthday Party/ Your Birthday Ceremony
  12. Tourist Spots of Bangladesh


1.  Write a letter to your friend about your illness.

   2.  Write a letter to your friend about how you spend/pass your leisure time.

   3. Write a letter to your friend about home town/native village.

   5. Write a letter to your friend about your visit to the St. Martin’s Island.

   5. Write a letter to your friend about your visit to the Liberation War  Museum.

   7. Write a letter to your friend about your last birthday party.

   8. Write a letter to your friend about your memorable day/memorable experience/ experience of a great day.

   9. Write a letter to your friend about main tourists’ spot of Bangladesh.

 10.  Write a letter to your friend about your favourite sports. 


1. You want to know the way to the bus station/ library/ school/ hospital/post office/market/book shop.

2. You want someone to lend you a book/dictionary/pencil/camera.

3. You want someone to tell you a story.

4. You want to know how your friend spends/passes his leisure time.

5. You want to introduce yourself to someone.

6. You are late for the class. Ask permission of the teacher to join the class.

7. You want to watch TV. Ask permission from your mother.

8. You want to find the ticket counter at a railway station. Ask for help from another persona the station.

9. You have homework to do. You need help. Ask father to help you.

10. You want to know someone’s favourite sports. 

 Punctuation and Capitalization

Page No: 43-47, 74-76, 87-89 from EFT 


    • ahsan on November 1, 2013 at 11:18 pm

    As I am teacher this PEC suggestion will help me lot. I already teach them important points but your suggestion will work as a bonus medicine. Thanks 🙂

  1. Ahsan vai you are mostly welcome for joining with us! We hope you always stay with us and share your valuable expression about different things!

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