Ever beautiful Shamima

                Lesson 3: Ever beautiful Shamima

Shamima’s misery (unhappiness, sadness, depression, melancholy) started the day she was married (wedded). Her husband (spouse, partner, mate, and companion) was a greedy (covetous, grasping, desirous, materialistic) person and he used to abuse (misuse, cruelty, exploitation, mistreatment) her verbally (orally, vocally, in words) and physically (bodily, substantially). Within a few months into her marriage she had to leave (departure, go, drive) her husband Amirul Islam. Now Shamima vows (promise, oath, swear, undertake, guarantee) to work with women, who are ill-fated (doomed, unlucky, fateful) like her. She has 43 female members in her organization (association, party, group, union) working for her. She trains the members herself and then provides (offers, runs, delivers) them with work. She designs (projects, enterprises, proposals) fabrics, makes block-print, brush paint and hand-embroidered sarees. She also makes three-piece dresses for women and fatuas for men. She sells these products in her shop and supplies (delivers, purchase, stores) them outside. Shamima has a dream (nightmare, imagination, thought, vision) now, a dream to do something for the helpless people. She wants them to feel useful. They can live with self-respect and dignity (self-respect, pride, self-position, formality). With this in view, she goes out looking for such people. Shamima finished (completed, over, ended, concluded) her story with a smile. Shamima has no complaints (dislike, hatred), no regrets (shame, guilt), no grudges (complaint, dislike, hatred). All she wants to do is to bring (take, transport, drive, convey, pass, carry) a smile on the faces of those women who are unfortunate (ill-fated, doomed, unlucky, fateful). Shamima wants to become a famous (well-known, famed, celebrated, eminent, renowned) designer (stylish, fashionable, and exclusive).

1. Read the passage again and answer the following questions according to your own idea that you have learnt from the story.

a. When did Shamima’s misery start and why?

b. How was her husband what did he do?

c. Why did Shamima leave her husband?

d. Whom is she working now?

e. What types of work does she do?

f. How many members are there in her organization?

g. What types of organization is it?

h. Where does she sell her products?

i. What is Samima’s dream?

j. How do you get Samima when she finishes her story?

k. What does Samima want to be?


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