English Syllabus of 10th Lecturer Registration Exam

1. History of English Literature: Candidates are required to have a general knowledge of English Literature from Elizabethan period to Modern period i.e. Christopher Marlowe to T.S. Eliot with special reference to the major movements and genres during different period.
2. Literary terms: Epic, drama, novel, tragedy, comedy, tragi-comedy, short story, romance, allegory, ode, ballad, lyric, pastoral poetry, dramatic monologue, elegy, sonnet, mock-epic, satire, three unities, miracle and morality plays, fable, interlude, soliloquy, poetic justice, parable.
3. Figures of Speech: Simile, metaphor, image, irony, analogy, symbol, conceit, wit, personification, hyperbole, paradox, epigram, climax, anti-climax.
 4. Individual Authors: Candidates are expected to be familiar with the major works of the following authors – i. William Shakespeare, ii. John Milton, iii. Jonathan Swift, iv. Alexander Pope, v. Charles Dickens, vi. William Wordsworth, vii. S.T. Coleridge, viii. John Keats, ix. P.B. Shelley, x. Byron, xi. E.M.Forster. xii. Bernard Shaw and xiii. T.S. Eliot.
 5. Formal letter, letter to editors, complaint, request, job application
6. Summary writing
7. Grammar
Any two from the following terms: i. Changing words from one parts of speech to another and making sentence with them. ii. Synonyms and Antonyms and making sentences with them. iii. Completing sentences.