English Short Questions for PSC Candidates

1. Where does Sima live?

Ans: Sima lives in Sylhet.

2. Where is Raina going to on holiday?

Ans: On holiday Raina is going to Chittagong.

3. To whom did Sima come to Dhaka?

Ans: Sima came to Dhaka with his father.

4. When does their train leave?

Ans: There train leaves in 10 minutes.

5. Who lives in Dhaka?

Ans: Raina lives in Dhaka.

6. Why do Tamal and Amina often come to Town Hall Language Club?

Ans: Tamal and Amina often come to Town Hall Language Club to practise speaking English.

7. When do Tamal and Amina come to Town Hall Language Club?

Ans: Tamal and Amina come to Town Hall Language Club in their free time.

8. What do they do in the Language Club?

Ans: They listen to CD, watch movies on DVD or practise speaking English with friends.

9. What is the foreigner doing?

Ans: The foreigner is sitting alone at a corner table.

10. Where does David work?

Ans: David works in an Ngo.

11. Is David a friend of Tamal?

Ans: No, David is not a friend of Tamal.

12. Why does Amina want to go to David’s table?

Ans: Amina wants to go to David’s table to practise English with him.

13. Where are Amina and Tamal?

Ans: Amina and Tamal are in the Town Hall Language Club.

14. What is the full name of David?

Ans: David Smith is his full name.

15. Who is Amina?

Ans: Amina is Tamal’s friend.

16. Who is going to the Book Fair?

Ans: Badal is going to the Book Fair.

17. Who will wait for Mamun?

Ans: His friend Badal will wait for him.

18. When do we use Mr?

Ans: We use Mr. before a man’s name.

19. When do we use Mrs?

Ans: We use Mrs. Before a married woman’s name.

20. When do we use Miss?

Ans: We use Miss. before a unmarried woman’s name.

21. What is your full name?

Ans: My full name is Mahbub Alam Murad.

22. How do you spell your first name?

Ans: I spell first name Mahbub.

23. What is your last name?

Ans: My last name is Murad.

24. What do people call you?

Ans: People call me Murad.

25. What does English speech have?

Ans: English speech has its rhythm.

26. Where is pussy?

Ans: Pussy is in the well.

27. Does the Black Sheep have any wool?

Ans: Yes, the Black Sheep have three bags full wool.

28. Where does the little boy live?

Ans: The little boy lives down the lane.

29. Where does Saikat live?

Ans: Saikat lives with his parents in an apartment in Bogra.

30. With whom does he live?

Ans: He lives with his parents.

31. Who is Mr. Islam?

Ans: Mr. Islam is Saikat’s father.

32. What is Mr. Islam?

Ans: Mr. Islam is a banker.

33. What does he love to do in his free time?

Ans: In his free time, he loves listening to the music of old times.

34. Who is Maleka Begum?

Ans: Maleka Begum is Saikat’s mother.

35. What does she like to do in her free time?

Ans: She likes sewing in her free time.

36. What does she make?

Ans: She makes dresses.

37. To whom does she get orders?

Ans: She gets orders from her friends and neighbors.

38. Which class does Saikat read in?

Ans: Saikat reads in class five.

39. What does he want to do?

Ans: He wants to improve his English.

40. What does he do for improving his English?

Ans: For improving English, he watches cartoon on TV and reads English story books.

41. Why does he read English story books?

Ans: He reads English story books for improving his English.

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