English Second Paper Suggestion for JSC 2017

English 2nd Paper Final Suggestion for JSC 2017



a) Congratulation on Brilliant Success

b) Thanking for a Nice Gift

c) Preparation for Coming Exam

d) To Attend a Birthday Party

e) To Attend the Birthday Party

f) Thanking for Hospitality

g) Invitation to Spend Summer Vacation

h) Describing the Prize-Giving Ceremony

Formal Letters/ Applications:

a) Transfer Certificate

b) Permission for a Study Tour

c) Set up a Computer Club

d) Opening a Debating Club

e) Opening a Canteen

f) Increasing Common Room Facilities

g) Allotting a Seat in the School Hostel

h) For Early Leave

i) For Setting up a Language Club

j) For Sinking Tube Well



a) The Season You Like Most

b) Your Favorite Hobby

c) Wonders of Modern Science

d) Newspaper

e) Duties of a Student

f) Your Aim in Life

g) A Journey You Enjoyed

h) Importance of Physical Exercise

i) Uses and Abuses of Television

j) Tree Plantation


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    • Mushfiq on November 5, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    Will there be a clue box given in the preposition question (question no 2) in the jsc exam

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