English Second Paper Suggestion for HSC 2013

Report Writing

***1. A report on a terrible road accident.
***2. A report on price hike.
***3. A report on an unexpected fire on a garment factory/Slum/…
***4. A report on prize-giving ceremony/cultural function/celebration of birth… 
**5. A report on paying a visit to a fair.
**6. A report on food adulteration.
**7. A report on load shedding.

Paragraph Writing
***1. Your College Library
*2. Traffic Jam
*3. Your Favorite Teacher
**4. Drug Addiction
5. Keeping Good Health
*6. Mobile Phone/Internet
7. Dangers of Smoking
8. A Baishakhi Mela.

Short Composition Writing
***1. Wonders of Modern Science
***2. Uses and Abuses of Satellite Channels/Television
***3. Your First day at College.
***4. Your Childhood Memories
**5. Female Education
**6. Students and Social Service
**7. Population Problem in Bangladesh
1. Setting up canteen/common room/computer club/literary club/English debating club/debating club/stage a drama/English speaking club
2. Increasing facilities of library/common room/canteen
***3. For permission to go on a study tour/excursion
**4. Seat in the hostel
5. Admission on transfer certificate
6. Change one of your elective subjects
*7. Construction or repairment of roads/bridges
8. CV/Resume
9. Testimonial

Dialogue Writing
***1. A dialogue alout your future plan in life/choice of career.
**2. A dialogue about the preparation for the coming exam.
***3. A dialogue about the uses and abuses of mobile phone/Internet.
4. A dialogue between a customer and salesman.
***5. A dialogue about the benefit of early rising/the necessity of tree plantation/the importance of keeping good health/the importance of learning English/the importance of punctuality.
***6. A dialogue about eve-teasing/environment pollution/global warming/load-shedding/road accident/the bad effects of smoking/acid throwing/student politics 
7. A dialogue about the causes of failure in English.
8. A dialogue about an exciting criket match
9. A dialogue between a Principal and a student about admission.

Story Writing
***1. Shaikh Sadi (Rm.) was a great…
***2. Failure is the pillar of success
***3. The shepherd boy and the wolf
**4. Happiness lies in contentment
***5. Slow and steady wins the race
**6. A friend in need is a friend indeed
**7. A thirsty crow
*8. The fox and the crow
*9. A fox without a tail
***10. Honesty is the best policy
*11. Who will belt the cat?
12. The astrologer and the king
13. The farmer and three sons
*14. The peculiar goose and golden eggs
15. King Lear and his three daughters.


Adopted from: The Daily Amardesh

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